Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Firefox is Being Difficult

In theory, a simple matter of adding border-top: 1px dashed rgb(234,169,129) !important;" to the appropriate declaration in userChrome.css. In practice, however, a way to waste almost an hour and a half. That line (and it's border-bottom counterpart) were meant to add top and bottom borders to the selected tab, but that change didn't come quite as easily as I'd expected. Without going into an inordinate amount of detail, solid 1-pixel red borders at first for some reason, then the active tab being somewhat squished by the borders being forced into the size constraint, then finally, what I'm happy with for tonight, the bottom border being the only one to appear. Maybe I'll figure it out eventually, but in the same vein, I also gave up on TrueTransparency earlier, because I was getting tired of it screwing up focus in whatever program. For example, in Firefox, if I tried to type, say "that's", as soon as I got to the apostrophe, the quick find toolbar would pop up. I definitely like FindeXer though, and the one change I made thus far to it with Reshacker worked fine, so maybe I'll have to show that off in the next screenshot of my desktop :3

The only other thing still on my mind right now is those soaps. Picked them up from Shoppers earlier this afternoon, and I could smell them just after cutting the box open. Not a huge surprise there, so I tucked them underneath my table with the other Christmas gifts for safekeeping, then went off to work, with all its usual smells. Upon getting home and opening my door though, they were all I could smell. Well, not literally all, but they're definitely quite strong. And here I was thinking they might look really nice but not have very strong scents. That's going to pose an interesting problem when Christmas Eve comes and I wrap everything, but maybe those will be the one gift everybody picks up to smell for a hint first. Oh, and also, the Iceberg Madness soap is ridiculously... how to say... forceful. It smells alright, but just so happened to get packaged next to the bacon soap, so now when I smell that one, it's mostly minty with just the faintest hint of bacon. They're all separated now though, so hopefully by the time Christmas comes the scents don't overlap anymore. Although that doesn't even address where and how they'll be stored after use, but quite frankly, they're soaps, and gifts at that, so I really shouldn't be worrying so much.

In other news, Manoah was supposed to send me an MP3 upon getting home from work tonight so I could try to remove the copy protection, but obviously he's forgotten about that, and also I still haven't heard from Streetlights. If not by Sunday, I will be sending her an email to ask if things are still on track, but hopefully she gets back to me before then. I haven't much else to say tonight though, so it might as well be bedtime now. Of course, I'll probably tidy up my room first, because I went to Shoppers after work tonight for snacks, and just tossed the garbage onto the floor because the garbage wasn't nearby. Yeah. Normal things, at any rate~

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