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Decent Night

Meh. For a Saturday night, tonight was alright. Busy, yes, but not as much as I thought it would be.

I completely forgot to bring my PSP in, so the end of the night sucked, in that I didn't have any "good" music to listen to. We still got things done though, and I realize now why the past three closes have gone so badly. Ange has yet to get to the point where she actually tells people what needs to be done. She's more just one to look at things, and see that they need to be done, but expect us to pick up on those without her saying so much as a word.

John was being way too friendly tonight, in a creepy way as well. Kept on bothering me about whether I had a ride home or not, and after we were closed, asked me if I smoked. Told him no, and that I never had, then he asked me if I minded that he did, and I told him no. I have no say on what other people do in that respect, so as long as you don't force it on me, I won't say anything about it. Then he said something about "Well, thanks for being understanding, etc." Yeah, he is new there, and doesn't know many of the people that work there, so he's more likely to be nice and whatnot to the people that are kind to him, so I guess there's nothing that can be done about it right now.

Tonight's close is going to be interesting, seeing as Shelia's actually closing (:o), and she never does. It shouldn't be that bad though, because it's Christmas Eve, and all of the sane people will be spending time with their families, as well as that we've got four closers on as well, so as long as the dishes and other such things get caught up beforehand, we should be out of there by 7:30, at latest.

With that though, I'm off to bed. I really should put my uniform in the wash, because if I wear it to work tomorrow in the condition it's in right now, Shelia will probably give me hell :p I suppose I'll do that, and get up around 2 to put it in the dryer. Might as well get to work...

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