Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

All for Krazy Glue

7:30 in the morning right now, and I'm just laying here waiting for 8:00 to roll around so we can go out to Canadian Tire, then come home to sleep. Once again, the headband on my ears broke tonight, but I don't have any superglue with which to fix them, and have little to no ambition for going out there tomorrow afternoon, especially when they close at 6. So there's that, and maybe some cable ties as well, but that depends on how expensive they are. Then tomorrow I plan to continue what I've started tonight, being thoroughly cleaning my room, the first step of which is pulling my bed out and vacuuming underneath of it. Most of the room has become messy to a normal degree, but the area under my bed hasn't been touched in some time, because it's too much of a bother to crawl under there with the vacuum. Yeah.

I'm also thinking about tomorrow night. At work earlier, I heard mention of another tax-free couple days at Real Canadian Superstore, which I think were Saturday and Sunday, but if I wait until the latter to go like I was originally planning, they could say "It's Monday so we're charging you full price". So instead, as long as my room is done in time, it would be more fun to go there tomorrow and get the things I need (including those little gift tags with "From" and "To" fields), then probably stop by work on the way back and pester them for a bit. Tonight's close was okay, with aside from the incredible number of 5 soft taco deals we sold. Then there was also some thing I said to Steve about possibly considering an egg beater a toy that I can't remember all the details of, but I think it's better that way ^^;

Also concerning work, something Manoah said that concerns me last time I worked with him. It's more or less a given that regardless of what shifts I work, I'll play one or two pranks on somebody else during that time. Mostly innocuous stuff, that's good to get a laugh and see reactions from. However, Sheila has seemingly taken that to mean something else. In particular, that I like Janeka. All I can think of that might have prompted it is teasing her about Manoah mistakenly calling her "Jamaican". Oh, and I put an ice cube down her back as well because she said it was too hot, but that's something I've done to other staff on more than one occasion, and her only once. Just... annoying, but not at the same time. She (Sheila) hasn't said anything to me directly yet, but that's about normal for her. Rumors are fun to an extent, but I've been lucky enough thus far to either have none being spread about me, or not hearing of them.

I should probably clear off my bottom bunk before Dad comes back though. He's just gone out to take Adam to work, and all I care about doing right now is going to Canadian Tire, fixing my ears, and calling it a night. The last one isn't very easy when there are cords and spare blankets all over the place~

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