Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Hate my Bed

Well, more specifically the carpet, but without delving into those fussy details, one of the first things I did today was moved my whole bed to the other side of the room, so I could pick up the bits of garbage then vacuum up the remaining dust and debris. Those two actions went fine, but then I had to move the bed back, and all the trouble started. First of all, the carpet in the least-accessible corner when the bed is positioned as it is now is torn into at least three pieces, and is pulled out from the wall, so you can probably guess what happened when I tried to shove the bed back. Indeed, one of the pieces of carpet pushed up against one of the legs, and at the time I thought fixing that problem would be a simple matter of shoving the bed harder, but all that did was make an even bigger pile of carpet, so in the end I somehow managed to lift it up enough to slide the carpet back under. What's more, before it got to that point, one of the supports on the bottom bunk gave way, so the corner went crashing down to the floor. Nothing was under it, thankfully, and I'm sure it won't be the first time that's happened, but then I had to lift the whole bottom bunk up, mattress and all, then somehow pull that leg of the bed out to move the bunk up onto the support, and yeah.

The good part about those difficulties is that my room is now cleaner than it's been in a long while. Of course, there still are a few things I need to find places for, and I might have to consider going through my dresser again sooner or later, but for now, I'm pleased <3 Anyways, after all of that was done, I went to Giant Tiger instead of Real Canadian Superstore, because I really haven't the money to go to the latter right now. Picked up a roll of wrapping paper, three rolls of tape (because I couldn't find individual rolls anywhere), a box of gift labels, and a little box of 4 chocolates for myself. As such, I'm afraid I lied before. Now I have everything needed for Christmas, and as I realized while sending an email to Streetlights earlier, there are only 12 days left, just like the song :3

As for the rest of the night, I haven't done much that would seem readily productive, but have still been keeping myself busy. While looking for new visual styles, I happened to notice how the icon for Firefox in one of the screenshots looked different than mine, and assumed that was due to the one in the picture being Firefox 3. So I went downstairs and made a copy of the .exe from that computer, extracted the icon, and successfully put it in Firefox 2. During the process I also found where Windows keeps the information for the browser and email programs you can choose to display in the start menu (suffice it to say it's in the registry), but then moved on to replacing the main and taskbar icons in several other programs with better-looking versions. uTorrent, Paint, and Winamp for right now. I wanted to do VLC and Desmume too, but neither of them would work, and I can't find a decent looking icon for Notepad anywhere, so the one installed by the Tango Patcher will have to do for now. While I'm thinking of it though, since I still have 5 days off, I'm sooner or later going to have to update these (the first set) to reference IcoFX instead, and then maybe also make it a more general "How to replace icons with Reshacker" guide instead of focusing specifically on making them transparent.

No time for that right now, however. It's almost 8am again, and I'm told we're going to Pizza Hut around 5:30, when I'll probably be asleep until 4 or so. Thus far, my birthday has been rather disappointing, because it's raining outside instead of snowing, but getting all those other things done has been quite satisfying, and I may have even more to report tomorrow night on the off chance I get $20 or so as a present. Just need to hook one of my external drives up to this laptop and start copying some files for now though, then I'm going to bed. Tomorrow should be at least somewhat enjoyable~

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