Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Only One Program Left

Because uTorrent is compressed, I am unable to Reshack it, and thus have to make do with the program's optional tweaks. Replacing the tray and program icons, among others, which I was able to find a nice icon for, as shown in that screenshot I uploaded yesterday. For some reason though, VistaSwitcher refuses to display the 32×32 icon. I've checked it multiple times, and there are three sizes included, being 16×16, 32×32, and 48×48, and I've even tried extracting the middle icon and importing it again, to no avail. Weird, but NetWorx also continues to elude me, although I gave up on that again earlier. It's actually a bit frustrating, but the only other option I can think of right now is to completely reinstall the program, but replace the default .exe with my Reshacked one before launching it for the first time. Problem with that is I'd probably lose my saved data for December, but it'll be January before too long, so I'll see about that then. Oh, and since I've mentioned that program, I've exceeded my quota by 5.1GB to date. Yay :s

Going back to the icons, I was able to, using my words from yesterday, coerce shell32.dll into cooperating, but all I needed to do was open IconPackager and use the "Rebuild Icon Cache" and "Repair Icon Images" functions. Doing that resulted in the 16×16 closed folder icons and icons for all folders shown in VistaSwitcher to the ones I had replaced the defaults with. It is exasperating to think that as soon as I change my visual style and wallpaper again, but that too carries its own little set of rules, which may alleviate the need to change them each and every time..

Moving away from that stuff, one thought I've kept going back to throughout the day is how Christmas is next week. It seems so soon, and here we are without even having our tree up yet, and to make matters worse, on the way to Pizza Hut yesterday Mom said we might not put it up this year, because there isn't much free space in the living room. Granted, because the two tables in there take up quite a bit of the room, but if need be, I'll work on organizing and rearranging it tonight and / or tomorrow. Even if we have to settle on pulling out the small glass / porcelain / whatever it is tree decoration we have, setting it on the table, and placing the gifts around it. I can understand her not wanting to put the actual tree up, because it's alot of work to do that then have to take it down again a few days later, but it's not going to feel right without some sort of decoration(s). The living room will also have to be cleaned up considerably, but I can easily do that tomorrow. Also related to Christmas, I received an email from Streetlights earlier to say my second commission will "definitely be done by the deadline I've set", and that she's going to be sneaking some time between her exams or something like that. The thought hadn't occurred to me, and now I feel a bit bad for getting impatient, but I'll just take her word for it right now :3

As for anything else, Taco Bell's Christmas party was tonight, which effectively canceled my plans to go out for a walk. Not that I went to it (they went to the Bowlerama...), but the last thing I need is for somebody from work to see me, then word to get back to Sheila and for her to pester me about why I didn't want to go next time I see her. In all likelihood tomorrow though, especially because I'll be able to pick up my pay stub, but for now, bed as usual, because I'm still trying to trick myself into waking up on my own at 3 instead of 4. Probably not until the daylight hours start to change again, unfortunately, but there's still a certain sort of fun to it, so I'll just enjoy sleeping in while it lasts~

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