Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'll Never be Satisfied

Thinking of changing Paint's icon(s) again, and I just finished taking a quick look to see if there were any available for Google Chrome. It's fun, I guess, and nice because it's something I can immediately see the result of, but for the moment, I'm quite looking forward to getting back to work and doing something more productive with my time <3 Was there for about ten minutes tonight before Steve had a chance to grab my pay stub and a card from Karry, and snuck back to check next week's schedule so I could be more certain of what days I have off around Christmas, and it actually felt sort of weird. Concerning the schedule though, I work from Friday to Wednesday, which will be much appreciated with the name number of days off I'm in the latter half of right now, then have Christmas Eve through the 30th off. Helpful to know that for sure, and I'm also getting paid about $60 more than expected, which means $30 or so will be set aside for boxing day. Oh, sure, I'll likely just end up buying more food or additional things for my room which will ultimately go unused, but I'm still looking forward to it. Well actually, either on Boxing day or the 23rd after work. That'll be the last time they're open 24 hours this year, which is of some significance, at least to me ^^;

Anyways, since this is one of the nights where I haven't done much so there's little to write about, a dream that's been drifting around at the back of my mind for the week or so since I had it. Dad and I (it didn't feel like there was anybody else there) were driving along some road to a familiar place. Possibly home, or work, or some other familiar destination that doesn't come to mind, but the main point was it didn't feel out of the ordinary. Suddenly, a surprisingly tall building came into view, which we got close enough to so that I could determine what it was in an instant somehow. It was the Westin where MFF was held last (and possibly this) year, just quite a bit taller. All I can remember asking before waking up is "Why are we all the way out here?" Kind of weird, and with appropriate timing too because December was just starting back then

On a different topic, I think I might have some more walking around to do tomorrow. Originally I was planning to wake up early and ask Mom about going grocery shopping then instead of on Thursday, but the only reason for that would be so that I'd have been paid by the time I started to go to the few places I need to. In no particular order, Canadian Tire for Febreeze or some other can of air freshener / spray, because that's another thing I'd like for my room. The desire was brought on by those soaps, because every time I walk in again after being downstairs or out of the house for whatever reason, it smells like cinnamon and mint <3 Curiously, cinnamon is the strongest scent, yet none of the soaps are supposed to smell that way, but that doesn't change anything. I will eventually be ordering my own too, but before that I need to figure out if the shipping price is a flat rate, or based on the value of the order. In essence, if I'm paying, say, $12 for two soaps, I'd rather not see a $25 shipping fee at the checkout. Anyways though, Canadian Tire for that, then Bun Master because I want more pizza buns, followed by Money Mart which I've been putting off for a few weeks now, and finally Tim Hortons for a candy cane hot chocolate, and 7-11 for a small snack from there. Perhaps not in that exact order, because Bun Master closes earlier than the other places, but those are my plans at any rate.

Oh, and as a last aside, there's a little bit of snow on the ground today. I dearly hope that can be taken to mean we can expect snow for Christmas, because with that and the possibility of not putting our tree up combined, this is shaping up to be an awfully disappointing Christmas. As I say with so many other things though, there's still a week and two days left. My fingers are metaphorically crossed~

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