Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Patience is a Virtue

Yeah, I know it's cliched and whatnot, but it is still the truth. With all the visits I've been making to Real Canadian Superstore over the past several weeks, I've been able to keep a fairly close eye on those bags of chips I've amassed so many of. At first they were on sale at the regular price, being $3 per bag or something like that, but then they were brought down to 2 for $5. It was at that point I picked up my first couple, and bought three more the next time I went out there, because I think they were 3 for $5 instead that time. The next visit after that, however, they were down to $1 a bag, and skipping ahead to earlier this evening, the price has dropped even further, to 50 cents per bag. Well, that's what I would assume, because they're two for a dollar, but yeah. In sum, I bought for more bags of chips today, as well as a Santa hat to wear at work tomorrow night <3 All for the low price of ~$6.75, which I'm pleased with because I want to keep as much of this pay as possible in my bank account.

Still, assuming things don't change drastically before then, my plans to go out there one last time (late at night, at any rate) next Wednesday after work are still on, but I can see spending maybe $30 total between there and Walmart. Aside from that, not much except for Boxing Day, but I was thinking about withdrawing $20 on the way to work either tomorrow or Saturday and either going myself or having somebody else go to Tim Hortons to get something for everybody. Probably not though, because we bought more oatmeal today, so I just need to put in the effort to make one batch as soon as I get home tomorrow. Or maybe before I leave, but of course, that depends on when I wake up. I might take a break from Pic Pic tomorrow anyways, because I finished level 3 of the mazes tonight, and just have to create a full-window screenshot of that, which I will endeavor to upload tomorrow.

It's been an alright day otherwise, but waking up was kind of annoying. A certain eBay seller I dealt with back during the summer who had then gone on to make a separate-from-eBay online store and send an email out to all their buyers informing of that, sent me another two emails, which were first and foremost unsolicited, after I specifically requested to be removed from future mailings in the first email they sent. To make matters even better, the newest two messages were subject to the same problem as that forward Manoah sent me a while back. They put everybody's email address in the "Reply to" field, so on the good side I now have some ~750 more that I could use for whatever purposes if the desire ever struck me (probably not, but still), but am also annoyed that they both didn't acknowledge my original request, and also give me cause to send two extremely pointed replies about those matters. I realize mistakes do get made, but twice in a row and after there were no such problems with their first store opening email makes it seem exempt.

Tonight should be better for getting to sleep early though, because it's only 6:20. Well, 6:30 now, because no sooner than I typed that and I was off doing other things, but since I'm back to this tab now, yeah. All told, these 6 days off have been quite enjoyable. I can only hope my coming 5 are just as fun, but they should most certainly be, what with Christmas being right in the middle and all <3 We still do need snow, but there's nothing worth speaking of out there yet, so it's just going to end up being an incredibly mild Christmas. Fun nonetheless though, which is really all that matters~

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