Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Neither Good Nor Bad

Definitely better compared to earlier, but let's see. I quite enjoyed walking to work, because it was snowing after all <3 Then again, accidentally inhaling a couple flakes at two different points wasn't the greatest, but that was more due to suddenly feeling something go down my throat when I took a breath. Work wasn't the best though, because it was busy and I ate far too many of the dessert squares that were left both tonight and yesterday for us because we didn't attend the Christmas party. At around 1am, my stomach started feeling really sore, and I eventually had to begin walking around very slowly in order to not end up being sick. Strangely, I was able to walk home without issue while in the same condition, but whatever.

Coming home was more or less alright, because while Naomi and Adam didn't even think to clean up their mess from making pizza and Rice Krispie Squares, I did it myself, and was left with the satisfaction that comes from such. Finally, I have even more reason to visit Real Canadian Superstore after work on Wednesday now. Well, Walmart, to be correct, but suffice it to say I was looking at scales on eBay, because I still want to get one, but all of them there are at least $20 with the same amount or more in shipping costs, so if I can walk out to Walmart and find one there, I'll gladly put the extra minute of effort into walking over there. Then as for Real Canadian Superstore, I am most definitely getting a couple more air fresheners, because it's fun to randomly be obsessed with an otherwise mundane object like that, and they're cheaper than can be found at Canadian Tire <3

Unfortunately, I have barely anything else to say about the rest of the day. I haven't touched Pic Pic since going back to work, mostly due to finding other things to busy myself with, but as mentioned a couple days ago, level 3 is done, and I've finished ~6 puzzles in level 4 thus far. I've also got some new (in a way) Christmas-related things to watch whenever I have time, but before I start grasping at straws like this again, I'm going to bed. Especially with starting at 5 on Monday. Thus far I'm looking forward to work tomorrow night so I can give George more cookies, and also hopefully to having a slow night at work, but nothing really more than that. It's the start of what I'm going to consider the final few days before Christmas though, and that's quite enough for now ^^~

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