Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just a Little Too Early

Tonight was kind of a disappointment. Work went fine, and nothing of note occurred on the way home aside from stopping at the bank to check my balance, but sure enough, about an hour after I had made it home and was going downstairs to put my laundry in the dryer, I saw it snowing rather heavily. By all appearances it's stopped now too, so if we'd just been there an extra twenty minutes or so, I'd have been able to walk along in at least some of it. Or perhaps if I'd gone out to Real Canadian Superstore and Walmart tonight like I was thinking of doing, but that's just me being impatient, and I'd still rather wait until after work on Wednesday for the reasons mentioned before. As well, I happened to notice a Walmart flyer in the kitchen, and looked it over for things I might like to buy, and the one thing I may look for then is an apparent package of 3 4GB USB sticks for $25. Then again, it's not like I'd have immediate use for them, but that does seem like a good deal. Otherwise, the netbooks looked so very tempting, but for the same reason as the DSis and PSP-3000s did - I just want something new to play with. I definitely plan on grabbing a couple more pairs of socks, but anything else depends on how awkward I feel walking around in there at ~3 in the morning ^^;

Still on the note of Christmas, before leaving for work earlier I reminded Mom again that we still needed to put up our tree, and was informed that instead of it this year, we have a Christmas cactus. Indeed. Manoah thought that was hilarious, but I, however, am not quite as impressed. I will at least be putting a bit of effort into cleaning the living room before the 25th though, because even the tiniest bit of work needs to be put into preparing it for Christmas. Or maybe I'll do that on Tuesday, because my only other tasks then are to wash the dishes and wrap the soaps I have for Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark.

In terms of more immediate things though, I'm also rather unimpressed with this having to work 5-11 tomorrow afternoon. The first day since I've been back to work that we close at 1, and I can't stay up past 7 because of an early shift the next day. Mind you, I'm looking forward to working more than I am to the time I start at, because Michelle's on as the supper manager, and I haven't seen her for quite a while. More cookies will likely be brought in and shared as such, but there's still half the bag of oatmeal left if I want to make more any time soon. Before any more time goes by I should probably end this and lay down though. One other thing I'll have to do tomorrow is upload the sketch of my Christmas commission from Streetlights, because he (not she after all) sent it to me just before I left for work, and I've since replied with my desired changes, but haven't uploaded it here yet because I've always got something else on the go at the same time. In the case of tonight, loading some more files into uTorrent for download eventually, which as yet is going to take a while, because I have ~110GB of stuff queued up. Aside from what I mentioned a couple days ago, volumes. 1 and 2 of "Garfield and Friends". Yeah.

Anyways, bed. Tomorrow should be moderately interesting~

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