Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Numbers: 110, 468, and 5

110] First of all, in talking to George when he first showed up for his shift tonight, it was agreed that he would come here before heading home once they'd closed, to get more cookies. I did just give him a full margarine tub of them two days ago, but apparently he got all of 3, and his Mom took the rest, saying they were her favorite type of cookie or something :B Either he never showed up or I didn't hear him knocking in the end, but I still made another 110 of the things, and I think there might even be close enough to 3 cups of oatmeal left, which is the amount the recipe calls for. Not tonight though, because I made four batches, and was getting tired of repeatedly walking out to the front door to see if he was there (both the exhaust fan and my laptop were making noise in the kitchen). I do still plan to head up there while he's working tomorrow, then the rest will likely be distributed among family (maybe I'll give some to Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark as well) and everybody at work. I have seemingly been eating too much of everything lately, so while it's fun making them, I'll nibble on maybe one a day.

468]As for the other number, half an hour before my shift was supposed to start this afternoon, Michelle asked if I wouldn't mind walking down to the dollar store near Food Basics (I want to say the name was "SuperSave"...) to get some more forks, because they were all out. She said I would be paid for doing so, and I accepted mostly because I wasn't doing anything besides walking in circles around the dining room, so I went over there and eventually found the forks. $1 for a package of 36, and I was given $15 with specific directions to buy as many as I could afford. Thirteen packages for $14.05, which amounted to 468 forks, if you don't care to do the math <3 One of the stranger things I've done lately, but the lady at the counter didn't seem to mind. Maybe it's actually a normal thing for somebody to be buying plastic cutlery in bulk ^^;

5] Continuing the above somewhat, I noticed something else at the dollar store that I would've bought had I not been on the clock, so to speak, and having the day off tomorrow, I intend to go there after giving George some more cookies. So that place and Taco Bell are two, but as for the remaining 3, they're dependent on how much walking I feel like doing. I'm thinking of also going to Staples, Zellers, and The Dollar Store (but probably not Staples now that I've had some more time to think about it), which I would definitely have enough time for. Setting aside the dishes and wrapping Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's soaps, but should the need arise they can just as easily be left until after midnight. Although now I'm finding myself wondering if giving them cookies as well is the best idea, because I don't know if either of them might happen to be allergic to peanut butter (I can hardly see that being the case, but still...) or something else unfortunate like that. I guess I will, because at worst they'd just get added to the assortment of snacks to be had after the talking and giving of gifts.

With those things out of the way, I might as well just be done for tonight now. I know I said I would upload the sketch of my Christmas commission today, but I'm actually going to wait, just on the off chance the colored version isn't done by Christmas (that way I'd at least have something), or if it is, I'll upload both at once. Seems the most sensible solution, and I need to do something soon anyways, because I keep switching back to Gmail to check if he's sent me the fixed version of the sketch yet, with no result (to be expected, when I'm literally checking every couple minutes or so). But yeah. For tonight, all I can say is that I have plenty to do tomorrow. Hopefully everything goes (mostly) according to plan~

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