Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Year is Just Different

Alongside having ornaments put on that cactus instead of our Christmas tree put up, the dining room at work wasn't decorated this year, and just about an hour ago now, I was informed that we won't be going to the Carols by Candlelight thing nor Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's, because he's sick. Oh, we will be going there possibly next week or sometime after that, but this is really turning out to be a fine Christmas. Then what's more, I still haven't heard anything else from Streetlights, and while I'm tempted to send him another email that says "Color whatever you have and we'll call it even", I'm going to wait and see what happens instead, because another disappointment wouldn't be anything new at this rate.

That's not to say I'm in a completely bad mood because of that (last night was mostly fun), but it is still a letdown. Anyways, as for last night, the "not fun" part was work. I should've expected as much, but being the last normal night before a holiday, we were extremely busy, and Steve took off at 11 instead of staying for his full shift (until midnight) leaving Manoah and I to have vehicles lined up outside for a good hour and a half. Mostly just busy aside from one guy who I know for a fact asked for a chili cheese fry in his combo, then came back in a huff as soon as he had a chance to make it to the speaker saying he'd asked for a burrito. No, you didn't, and trust me, I'd be more than willing to argue that out with you if there wasn't a long line up of vehicles already. So he got his burrito, then came back a second time some ten minutes after that complaining about his fries, and yeah. It's not inconsiderate to say we've messed your order up, but please have the common decency to just phone us instead when you can see we're quite busy.

We got out of there at exactly 2:15, and I waited with him for another fifteen minutes for his Mom to arrive, but not before putting my uniform and glass of water in the shed, so I'd be able to stop on the way back and pick them up. In retrospect, that was one of the more fun parts of the night, simply for being able to take a quick break, but the only problem is by that point I was sweating thanks to some combination of all the stuff I was carrying, the way I was walking, and the temperature outside, and of course I didn't stop for long enough to let my body completely absorb the sweat, so when I started out again, I was getting the chills from being damp. Didn't get everything I wanted at Walmart or Real Canadian Superstore, unfortunately, but before tonight is over I plan on asking what the odds of getting a ride there on Boxing Day are. One of the more interesting things I found last night was, while wandering through the very back aisles, three game boxes that had been cut open and had the games removed, which I was going to bring up to the checkout to say "You'll probably want to know about this", but didn't want to risk them thinking I had taken them, and as such just took a picture and continued on my way. They'll find them eventually. At least as soon as they inspect that aisle closely.

I think I might join Adam in going to Taco Bell for supper whenever they head out though (just for a volcano burrito, and to make tonight somewhat different), which reminds me of one other thing before I end this. While waiting for his ride, Manoah told me that Mary has figured out the real reason I don't like working with her is because I don't like taking orders from women. Oh yes, she's so right, because I have absolutely nothing better to do with my life than be sexist <3 He found it quite amusing when I explained that, by her logic, that must mean Steve is a woman as well, but yeah. What's better about that is her moving to closes sometime in the New Year because she can't work with Sheila and Ang on days anymore, and I don't even have to point out how she's not going to get along with the closing staff any better (I'm not the only one who doesn't like her), but if she thinks that switch will solve her problems, we might as well let her have at least some temporary respite before she realizes it didn't accomplish anything.

For the time being, I might as well go find out when Adam plans on heading there, then maybe work on Pic Pic some more, because I've done all of two puzzles over the last three days. Not the greatest way to spend Christmas Eve, but like the title says, this year feels different~

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