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Sometimes I just cannot bring myself to understand some of the things Naomi does. I left my PSP here last night by accident, yes? Well, when I took it upstairs when I went to bed, I turned it on, and found it odd that the battery power was already all the way down at ~64%, but I figured I might've just left it on by accident earlier in the day or something, and that charging it would fix that problem. So I plugged it in, then wasn't feeling tired enough to go to sleep straight away, so I played some Mario first, then got bored with that really quickly, so I opened the web browser, with the intent to watch some flash movies on Newgrounds.

What did I find? Naomi had used it to visit plenty of the sites she used to before she was cut off from using this computer. URLs I can remember are ebuddy.com, agame.com, and grab.com. So then when I came down here after getting out of bed, I told Adam what she'd done, and he said something about how he forgot to put it upstairs in my room, and that he'd tried the Color Puzzle game I have on it. I could care less about that, but I've now put a password on the web browser, so I'd just love to see her try to use it again. Pity the "Wrong password" type message isn't customizable, but I figure in lieu of that, I can just add a bit of text to whatever wallpaper I have applied :p

So yeah. Christmas Eve today. Work tonight shouldn't be too bad, contrary to what I was expecting at first, because I start at 4, and we're only open 'till 7. Three hours of actually having to worry about serving customers, then we can work on getting things cleaned up and getting out of there. That is, assuming Shelia doesn't get all caught up on wanting us to have all sorts of prep done, but then again, with the next day being Christmas, any prep we did tonight would probably be too old by the time boxing day rolls around. Interesting.

It's me, Josh, Shelia, and Steve closing though, so what I can see happening is Josh doing all the counts and whatnot, Shelia will clean the dining room, and have one of us mop it, Steve can work on the dishes, and I'll get line taken down. Of course, things could go differently, but given who's on, that seems to make the most sense.

I'm not looking forward to walking in there though, because the state we left the store in when Ange locked up this morning was awful. Shelia opened as well, so chances are we'll hear about all the stuff we didn't do. In our defense though, you do not schedule 5 people for a Saturday night, two of which are still new, one of which doesn't close all that often, but knows what he's doing otherwise, one relatively new manager, and one person that knows for the most part what they're doing, and expect the store to look spotless.

Hell, at the end of the night, I had started mopping the floor, but the amount of stuff I was pulling out from under line was ridiculous, so I went to the back to get a broom, but got sidetracked there, and next thing I know, John had the mopping finished, but the floor was most likely still a mess. It's like, for the new people, it'd be nice to just tell them flat out "Don't worry about cleaning up here. Just go back and work on the dishes, and we'll finish this, and when we're done, we'll come back to help you." Although it's nice to see that they want to help, they're more likely than anything to do the job incorrectly, and the last thing anyone wants to have to do when we're closing is having to do something over again because the person that did it the first time did it wrong. In all though, it comes down to asking the people making the schedule what's going on. They can tell from the sales that Saturdays are busy, so one would hope that they'd schedule good people for that night, but then again, I suppose if they did that, said people wouldn't get scheduled for other closes where we might end up needing them. I suppose therefore, things are alright for the time being :x

Oh, and one other thing that comes to mind about last night is Ange and food swaps. I swear, she and Eric were on the phone for at least a half hour trying to find a place that was willing to do one. She had me call Dominos last night as well, but by that time, they were already getting ready to close, so it was too late. I like doing them just as much as she does, but I don't understand why she feels the need to do one so frequently.

It's about time I got ready for work though...

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