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Another Group-Type Entry

Starting With the Obvious, Christmas] My day started by having Naomi and Adam wake me up from pounding on my door, presumably because they wanted to open presents, but I remained in bed for another half hour or so after that, before finally going downstairs to get some cereal, and only when that was done, bringing my presents down again. They were pretty much all well received, and Adam was more than thrilled to get those Red Green DVDs, but on the opposite side, Dad didn't seem to be too excited with the little box of chocolates I bought for him. Nor did Mom seem as happy as I thought she'd be to get Lorenzo's Oil, and to top it all off, we couldn't find the remote for Naomi's iPod stereo dock thing. I can't even remember if it was in the box when I first brought it home (I had to take it out and plug it in to make sure it worked with her iPod), but I still took the initiative to look around on Sony's site to see about getting a replacement. That was terribly fun to begin with because it was extremely slow (not surprising), and then when I finally found the remote, I saw that they wanted almost $40 for one. So if she can't work something out at Staples tomorrow (and I should hope so, because I gave her both the receipt and the extended warranty card), she's out of luck. Besides, even if she had the remote it would get used for as long as the batteries lasted, and then get tossed aside somewhere never to be seen again.

Nobody took the time to try out their soaps either, which was kind of disappointing, but I'll wait to see what they say tomorrow, because as soon as they get up / after they get home from work, in Adam's case assuming he has to on Boxing Day seem like more likely times.

As for what I got, two comic books to begin with, one being what I think is a 30th anniversary Garfield collection, and the other some "Farside" thing, along with yet another book that according to the cover contains all the facts about everything in the world. Far from, obviously, but from what I've seen of flipping through it so far, it looks interesting enough. Moving on, one of these sorts of dolls, which I was told were all endangered animals, and one of them was a snow leopard. If it is, it's more brown than any one I've ever seen before, but it's still a cool little gift at any rate. Then in terms of stocking presents, all of three. A bar of cookie dough fudge, a chocolate letter, and a bag of sour watermelon candies which I gave to Naomi because I can't stand artificial watermelon flavoring.

Oh, and last but not least, a bread maker. I am not even kidding. Dad said he thought it would be good after seeing all the cookies I've been making lately, and I suppose it would be different to try and make something with it instead, but I was really not expecting that as a gift. Mom did note that I could always return it and buy something else, but Dad made a comment right after that about how it was a gift that would go a long way, and I sort of agree, but I still have no idea of what I could make with it, aside from the few recipes I looked up online earlier. And no, I'm not going to return it, because I hate the thought of doing so (even though it had never crossed my mind before today). I might as well be saying "Why'd you buy me this?!", and I need to at least make an attempt at using it before considering buying something else.

All in all a fun day though, except for the latter part of the evening (from about midnight on), which is what I'm going to get to next.

I'm Too Good for Warnings] Last night, I found a link on Reddit that somewhat indirectly led me to downloading NOD32, which I installed earlier this afternoon. During the procedure there was a bright red warning saying that you shouldn't continue the installation if you had other antivirus programs running, and sure enough Avast 4 was still going at the time, but I didn't think the consequences could be that severe, and clicked "Next". Initially, I didn't see any problems, because I was able to reboot, then uninstall Avast, which required another reboot to delete some locked files. All normal, right? Sort of.

After that second reboot, whenever I logged in, I couldn't get past the login screen. Well, I could put in my password and press enter, which caused the window to disappear, but then nothing happened after that, so I had to reboot into safe mode and activate one of Revo Uninstaller's System Restore points. Eventually I had to restart again though, and sure enough, it froze in the same place that time as well, so I went through System Restore a second time, then backed everything up to the appropriate external drives, and moved the rest of the files that were on my desktop off to another partition, followed by reinstalling XP.

I'm about three quarters of the way through that now, and there's one thing I did this time that I wish I'd realized before. Backed up my Firefox folder before reinstalling Windows. Simply closing the browser after it was installed, then copying those files into the new profile folder reverted literally everything to my previous settings (layout, extensions, browser history, open tabs), which was a big time saver. Unfortunately, if there's one thing that's going to do, it'll make me lazy with backing up any new extensions and whatnot individually. Still, I did one other thing that may help with that, being creating a new 5GB partition which will be used solely for holding the files I'll need next time I reinstall XP. Having them on my USB stick and one external drive is nice, but there's also something to be said for having them right there.

The other problem that created was that I couldn't get to my email for a little while, but once again, that's the next topic I have in mind.

Right on Time After All] Quite early yesterday morning, I received an email from Streetlights with the finished version of my Christmas commission. Of course, you may have already noticed that with the new userpic for this entry, but it's done at any rate. The finished version can be seen here, and for now I'm just going to keep using it until the end of the month, what with having not even been able to use it on Christmas. That's really my fault, but it's not a problem worth worrying about either.

Also on the topic of pictures though (just to flesh this cut out a bit), another diversion from earlier tonight. It's quite fun going from images that fit on the screen at full size from Pic Pic, to that one that's almost 5000×3000. It'll also be the first time I've ever had Paint give me an "Out of Memory" error as well, which was worrisome at first, because I couldn't "select all" without getting the message either, and even though I'd only finished the first column of the image by that point, I thought that work would have gone to waste. Then I realized the dimensions might be a problem (10000×10000 pixels at first), and resizing it did indeed make the errors go away. As for what the reply to my comment says about hoping the creator doesn't mind, I'm not sure what they could say. Sure, in fairness I should have included some text at the bottom with the URL and author's name, but it's otherwise there on the internet for anybody to look at. I just took the time to make a full image out of it so as to eliminate the need for the Google Maps-esque control scheme.

Anyways, it's quarter to 8, and I really need to be getting to bed soon, so to end this entry for tonight, my plans for tomorrow. Giant Tiger is the only destination of concern, because they close at 5pm, but as long as I can get up and head there before then, I'll be going to four places in the same day. Giant Tiger (obviously), Walmart, Real Canadian Superstore, and the dollar store out there as long as it's open. I do have to remember Walmart will be exceedingly busy compared to what it was like the past two times I went there, but otherwise, I'm very much looking forward to it. I'll need a decent amount of sleep before then, however, so for tonight, that's all I have to say. Hopefully I'll have just as much to say about tomorrow~

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