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Karadur Inacu 

Speech Isn't Good Enough

In the same place I found NOD32 at, I also found downloads for audio versions of all 7 books in the "Chronicles of Narnia" series, and spent a good couple hours renaming those tracks, making playlists, changing the tags, and the like, because that was the night before I planned to go to Giant Tiger, then Walmart, and all those other places afterwards, and wanted something new to listen to along the way. While out walking, that was fine, because I didn't have anything else to distract me save for making sure there were no people on the sidewalk ahead. I continued listening to them at home though, and started into the second book tonight, which really wasn't the same because I was always doing something else (Pic Pic, mainly), thus causing my attention to be split between the two, so I'd end up tuning out sizeable portions then would be left to wonder what was being talked about when I finally started paying attention again. Anyways, that's not a big deal, because I still have them on my PSP, and could just as easily put them on before going to bed, if I so desired (which might induce interesting dreams).

Now that saying that has made me think of sleep, I didn't wake up until 5pm today. Fair enough considering I didn't get to bed until 9, but I was decidedly busy with a certain familiar task. I was reluctant to mention it last night, for fear that doing so would somehow screw things up again, but I reinstalled XP a third time, and was determined to have everything I could think of finished before calling it a night. Now that I've had a chance to really look at things though, I'm reminded that I haven't changed Windows Media Player's icon, but I don't even have that one downloaded, and also need to find the files I had queued in uTorrent again, because I forgot to back up the folder. The main problem was one I'm still having even now - a ~3 minute delay from clicking my picture on the welcome screen to seeing my desktop. Everything else seems to be working though, so exactly as I said on Twitter, I'll just have to live with this for now, and should the need arise, I might even full-format everything. Delete all the partitions, boot off the XP install CD and choose the non-quick format option, and see if anything different happens. Not soon, of course, because that'd be pretty drastic.

Since it fits with that and I mentioned doing it last night though, my desktop as it looks now that I'm finished with reinstalling XP for a while yet. I'm actually kind of surprised it stayed that way, because I had it set up like that since the second time I formatted, and I might have been getting sick of it by now under different circumstances. As with last night's entry, however, I'm going to have to end this here, because I really do not want to be up until 9 again what with having to work tomorrow, and I also want to put some stuff on my PSP before going to bed. Speaking of work, I'm back for all of one night, but that will serve to allow me to pick up my pay stub, so meh. The amount may not be so great, because I've had eleven days off in the past two weeks alone, but for now I'll hope for $200. We'll just see tomorrow~

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