Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Leave it to the Cats

I step out into the bathroom for all of a couple minutes, and while in there hear the door to my room creaking, but chalk it up to a slight breeze coming from somewhere. Then I open the door and see Littlecat run out of my room and down the stairs, then come in here and just have enough time to sit down on the bed before I see Tabby staring at me. I suppose it's to be expected, because Adam would've let them out when he got up for work, and normally I wouldn't be up this early because I have certain plans tomorrow, but I've been rather occupied this time. First of all with finishing up to the 300th maze in Pic Pic, then playing a couple songs on Jamlegend because I went there last night after such a long time of not even looking at the site to do the same, and that brings us up to right now.

Now, tomorrow is special first of all because we're going grocery shopping then instead of Thursday, because Mom doesn't want to go on New Years Eve, and that would be preferable anyways, because I have tomorrow off and work 5-9pm the day after. The thing is, I didn't quite realize that was 9pm and not closing at first, until Manoah said we needed to speak privately tonight, and asked if I'd stay on Thursday to help him close. The reason? It would just be he and Sheila otherwise, and while I'm not exactly thrilled at the prospect of closing with her, I thought I was closing up until when he asked me, so it won't make a big difference. After all, as long as I have enough time to get some things at 7-11 and maybe Tim Hortons before midnight (it would be too late otherwise), I'll be happy, and what's more, it's not as if Sheila closes very often anyways, so at the moment I'm hoping she'll leave Manoah and I do to our thing for the most part.

As for today, we're going grocery shopping a day early for one, just to repeat that, and as yet I plan to pick up the one remaining box of chocolates I need to complete my set (that desire seems to be a recurring theme with me), so I'm looking forward to it for that reason. Hopefully that and possible snack-buying on New Years Eve will be most of the spending I do for now, because after all other things have been worked in, I should have about $1,800 in my bank account, and would like to stay at that until next pay. Besides, I've already bought one more-expensive thing, being that Megaman Starforce 3 guide I've had a tab open on for several months now. There are probably other things I would've liked before it, but I couldn't remember any, so meh. I've wanted to buy it for a while anyways, so at least I have now. While I'm on the topic though, while I was in the kitchen washing dishes earlier, Dad asked us if we were keeping an eye on our bandwidth usage, because he got a bill for December recently which was said to be the same as the past several have been. I seriously don't see how, because with everybody's combined we would've only been at ~65GB, but I didn't ask Naomi to check her other laptop, which I'll have to do tomorrow. She says it's only used for school stuff, but without seeing for myself, I can't be certain...

Moving on, the other thing is going to Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's. Hopefully for real, but as far as I know they called us this time to say "If it works for all of you, we can get together on this night", so it should be. As such, I'm going to call it a night so I'm not terribly tired then, just as soon as I work out a couple things here first. Reshacking and other normal tweaking, more or less, but it shouldn't take me more than five minutes, so I can find the time right now~

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