Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One More Day Shift

So here I am, having woken up just about half an hour ago at 3, and I've all of half an hour left before taking off to work, because of the 5-9 shift I have today. Not bad or anything, and at least we close early, but I'm still not completely certain about how working with Sheila will go, and yeah. Simply put, she doesn't close. Or at least hardly ever, because she's done so twice that I've seen, only one of which was until our normal closing time, and the last thing I want is for a manager who doesn't know what to do to be running around telling me what I should be doing. We'll see how it turns out though, because Manoah said he's looking forward to it, because she doesn't care what it takes to get us out of there quickly (which makes her a little bit hypocritical if nothing else). Still, I have a couple things to look forward to that require me to be out there, one being checking Shoppers for those chocolates I wanted yesterday (no other place had them) before my shift starts, then after we're all done getting more snacks along the way home. If Sheila doesn't insist on giving me a ride like last time, that is, but as yet that could be avoided simply by being the first one outside after we close in order to take the cardboard and garbage out, then take off as soon as they open the door.

Anyways, in regards to normal things, last night was fun enough, but in the end was one more way to demonstrate how this year is different, because aside from the later date, there were a few other things that had changed as well. We all got our Lifesaver books and had a good time otherwise though, so that's really what matters <3 The only downside is I've misplaced by DS stylus yet again somewhere between their house and ours, but it has to be around here somewhere, because I actually checked to make sure I had it before leaving. To the extent that I had a dream where Adam had given me his by accident, and I only noticed because the color was different. Just kind of strange.

Otherwise today, it is somewhat unexpectedly warm. Possibly not outside, because I haven't been out there yet, but even though my window is open (although there's a pillow in it to block out the light while I sleep), I've been on the uncomfortably warm side since last night. I even had to turn my fan on with only a thin sheet over me, and that worked well enough until I woke up some hours after that and opted to use the comforter instead, coupled with turning the fan up a speed. I suppose everybody else may be cold and the heat might be on as such, but given the temperatures lately that seems a bit unnecessary.

For now though, the time has moved up to 3:55, so it's time I was getting ready, and then will hopefully be able to think of more things to say about the past year (or even decade, if I can think of anything that significant) than I have already. After all, today is a bit more significant than normal, so it deserves that little bit of recognition. Yeah ~<3

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