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So It's Christmas Today

... really doesn't seem like it. Probably because of the lack of snow :s

Anyways, let's see how this goes. I just had several paragraphs of text typed up, then I switched to another tab, and clicked on a link to a site that I now know contained some sort of applet that made Firefox freeze. It loads fine now, but it froze the first time, and I lost all my text >:( I downloaded Semagic, and I'm trying it out right now, but I don't like how there's no option to change the font in the entry text area, or the background color, etc... oh yuck. LochJournal is so much worse. Huge text, ugly graphics... bleh :p I suppose this'll work fine for now. All I really care about is the draft-saving feature, seeing as even if it still exists right now, it's not working for me. The running counts of words and characters down at the bottom are a nice touch though.

So anyways, today was Christmas. Spent the first part of the morning (from 10 'till about 10:30) looking over PSPUpdates, and making up excuses not to open my presents yet, then Mom and Dad started playing Dice. I can't remember the rules of the game at all anymore, but all I know is it involves eventually accumulating five same sided dice (die?), for each number. It was the sound the things were making that was driving me crazy. They were playing it on the table in the kitchen, with nothing whatsoever to mask the noise, so I finally gave up, and went back upstairs. From then 'till about 12, I attempted to get back to sleep, did a bit of stuff on the internet from my PSP, and generally just moped around. Finally, around 12:30, I went back downstairs to play some Twilight Princess.

That was probably the high point of my day right there, followed closely by updating my PSP firmware to 3.02 OE-B. The PSX game playability is pretty cool, but really, unless I end up getting another memory stick (and if I do, it's going to be 4GB), I can't see making too much use of it. That is, unless the compression used for the games from the store is cracked. Well, there's that, and the fact that the only PSX game I have is Hot Shots Golf, which was required to obtain keys.bin anyways :x

Getting back to Twilight Princess though, I finally managed to catch a Reekfish, and now I'm just up to starting the dungeon in the Snowpeak Area (can't remember the exact name of it right now). It wouldn't be right to make this entry without including a list of stuff I got though, so here goes :)

  • A box containing "Adidas Ice Wave" deodorant and after-shave
  • $25 gift card for Wal-Mart
  • Lifesaver book
  • 3 small candy canes
  • Bag of snack mix
  • Bottle of iced tea
  • 3-pack of Lindt Lindor candies
  • 30-pack of Ferrero Rocher candies
  • Red / Orange jacket
  • Tube of mini M&Ms
  • Bathroom reading book
  • $10 worth of movie certificates
  • 3 Babybel cheeses

Not a bad haul :) Note that the first four items on the list are what I got at Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's last night. I sent them an email earlier to say thanks, seeing as Mom always gets after us to write something up on a piece of paper to say the same thing, and then delivers then all at the same time, which is just stupid. Unfortunately, I told Adam what I'd done, and he came in to send something off as well, so it'll probably still look strange to them that they got two emails, one right after the other :p

I also sent Ange details about "Crystal". Uploaded a file to my Freewebs account, with a URL to a file on YouSendIt, which is the one with the details. I just have it there, because I know it'll get deleted after 7 days regardless of whether it's accessed or not, so she'll hopefully be the only one that sees it.

So as for yesterday, work went pretty well. We had one lady come into the dining room, so we all figured "It'll probably just be a combo 3 or something." Of course not. $60 later, she'd finished making her order. Then after that, we had a ~$30 in the drive through. Oh, and there was also a better (in terms of size) order around 6, containing 5 beef gorditas, and a cheesy gordita crunch. We were running extremely low on beef at the time, and we didn't want to put anymore down, because whatever was left when we closed would be thrown out, so I turned to Andrew, who was at front cash, and told him that'd probably use up the rest of our beef, and the guy at the counter got this really evil look on his face, and said something about how that'd be it then. Fun :D I have the receipts for said huge orders though, so here they are:
2 KIDSMEAL                  7.18
  2 SOFT
2 SOFTTACO                  2.38
1 COMBO #3                  5.19
  2 SOFT
1 MEXPIZZA                  2.69
2 CC FRY                    4.18
3 SOFTTACO                  3.57
2 TACO                      2.38
1 SM DEW                    1.59
               GST          1.75
               SBTL        30.91
               PST          2.33
               TOTL        33.24
               CASH        50.00
               CHNG        16.76
1 CC FRY                    2.09
2 FRY SUP                   4.98
2 CHS FRY                   3.78
2 NACHSUP                   4.58
4 5 TACOS                  19.96
 20 SOFT
1 MEXPIZZA                  2.69
3 STKSOFT                   6.87
1 NACHO                     1.19
1 5 TACOS                   4.99
3 MEXIMELT                  4.77
               GST          3.35
               SBTL        59.25
               PST          4.47
               TOTL        63.72
               DBIT        63.72

Interestingly enough, Shelia was the one that allowed us to run out of food. We threw half the stuff on line out around 6, then just let the rest dwindle. The funny thing is that the last 5 people that came through the drive through just drove off after they found out that we had no beef :3 According to Shelia though, Mike gave her instructions to run out of food, and to close once we did. Thus, we closed around 6:30, and I'm not complaining. Took us 'till 7 to get out of there, but that's not bad at all. One other annoying thing was that when I tried phoning for a ride home, there was no answer, so I ended up getting a ride with Josh and Shelia. The van wasn't in the driveway when we got there though, so I just sat down on the bench on the front porch, then Shelia pulls back in, and Josh jumps out of the car and throws his coat at me. They didn't leave until I had it on. After that though, I had enough time to load up the browser on my PSP before Mom, Dad, Adam, and Naomi got back home, and from there, we were off again.

One thing that got brought up earlier in the night though was that apparently Shelia and Earl are going to be closing in the near future. Whether permanetly or not, that's going to be interesting. I'm looking forward to closing with them, in that they have enough authority to tell someone to do something, and have it done, so at least that way, people won't just be doing what they want when they want.

Anyways though, I should be getting to bed somewhat early tonight, seeing as tomorrow's Boxing Day, and hopefully we can go out shopping, or at least out to look for stuff we might want to get, so I think that'll be it for now.

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