Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Very Slow Start

The first day of 2010 has, for me, been entirely the same as any others recently. I suppose there might be an exception for having done 11 more mazes, but I wanted to give myself a bit of a head start for tomorrow, and other than that, I've been mostly lazy and eaten far too much. The latter has further implications too, because I brought my scale into the bathroom to check how much it would say when placed on a tiled (as opposed to carpeted) floor, and as impossible as it sounds, there appears to be a 10-pound difference. So I will summarily be taking longer ways home again, and possibly making another attempt at what I found a long time ago - that site that advised ingesting nothing but water for 3 days. I highly doubt the idea has any medical basis, but last time I tried that I gave up somewhere between the second and third days, so I'm going to make another attempt at it, if only to see whether or not I truly can this time. Kind of ironic when I have packages upon packages of candy and other snacks next to my bed here, but they'll still be there in 3 days, and I'm actually kind of unwilling to touch any aside from what I have already, because I really do look at them as more of a collection, and as such eating any would make the collection incomplete. I'm not sure if there's any easier way to explain it, but I take my snacks much too seriously <3

That being said (about not doing much with my night, that is), I did finally remember another task I'd meant to work on back during the last few days of December, but not before taking a quick break from Pic Pic earlier. Looking through all of my entries for 2009 to find any and all matching certain specifications, and changing the security on them. I'm up to April right now, which is enough for tonight because I don't want to fall asleep without having written an entry again, but that's another more-notable thing that I've done today. Such inactivity almost makes me look forward to closing with Mary, and after that shift with Sheila yesterday she can't be too much worse, but I'll probably have a change of heart as soon as I walk in tomorrow. Then Sunday as well, which will be worse because it's only her and I after midnight, but I have Monday through Thursday off, and will most definitely be looking forward to that. One thing in particular I found while reading through those old entries earlier was that one I'd written after walking 10km home in the pouring rain, and how awesome I thought that was. I still do feel that way, and really quite wish I could again, but with the weather so far this winter that doesn't seem too likely :s Although there is still that idea I had a while back to walk up to Walmart after work and buy a can of pop from the vending machine. Completely illogical stuff like that is fun ^^;

I simply want some form of excitement other than the normal stuff, which is mostly made up of walking around wherever, even if "wherever" is at the outskirts of the city, and doing things at home. Such could be where that idea to go to London for the day comes in, but I'm still holding off on plans for that until March or so, because I should be in much better shape in all regards by then (mostly regarding money). As for tonight, I'm off to bed now so I don't sleep in quite as late as I did today. 5pm, which was really nice after all the early mornings I've been having recently, but with work and Pic Pic and possibly other things tomorrow afternoon, I don't want to be in bed quite that late again~

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