Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Maybe They Forgot...

It is presently the 3rd of January, and Reader's Digest still hasn't taken their money. I guess I should call them to see what's going on if that hasn't changed by the end of the month, but I still almost want to spend some of that money (on soaps for myself, if nothing else) just because it seems that they should already have taken care of things. I don't think Mom got the gift card they were supposed to send, and I haven't seen it either, but the only possibility that leaves me with is that I gave them the wrong card number by accident. That isn't very likely though, so I'll just wait and see.

Anyways, today has been decent with the exception of a few things I'll get to in a bit. Made a fair bit more progress in Pic Pic, leaving off at having 11 puzzles left in level 4, which should be easily finished within the next couple days. Living solely on water is about the same as it was last time, in that I'm no more hungry than when I wake up in the morning. I have had to convince myself not to call it off again several times tonight already, to tell the truth, but I'd say that's because I'm used to having something to snack on after work. Speaking of which, Mary sent me home at 11:30 tonight, because, in her words, we didn't have the labor to keep all three of us to close, meaning it wasn't busy enough, and I'd agree, but I'm just hoping she doesn't take my indifference to going home as a sign that she can do so again in the future if I happen to not be doing things her way. I wasn't tonight either, obviously, which mostly came down to not upselling the right thing. Next time I see Shawn or Mike I'm going to ask them about that though, because she's the only one to have cared out of literally everybody I've worked with there so far.

So that was one of the sort-of bad things, but much, much worse was just getting to work. The walk there wasn't bad, but as soon as I stepped inside and set about blowing my nose, stuffing my headphones back into their pouch, getting a glass of water, and other such normalcy, the unfortunate things started. First of all, after getting some water and putting my bag over on one of the chairs in the corner, I started walking around the dining room, because I didn't want to sit, and there wasn't anything else to do. Eventually I started to feel as if I'd be sick to my stomach if I were to continue pacing around in circles, so I sat down, and focused almost entirely on taking smooth, deep breaths, because the feeling that I would have to run to the back and kneel over the toilet was ramping up quite considerably. Then Tina came out to say hi, and I could just barely mumble a response to her, because I started feeling really, really tired. Then extremely sweaty, enough so that my headband was still damp even after I'd changed into my uniform, but I didn't have the ability to take it off while I was in the dining room, because I felt that if I did, I would be sick for sure, from the change in temperature.

In the end I sat there cradling my head for a bit, and eventually noticed I was starting to feel better, just in time for Ron to come in and sit down to chat with me while waiting for Sheila to finish up. Not at all fun, and while I'd be more willing to attribute that to the weather outside, it's never happened before, so I can only assume it was because I hadn't eaten anything since ~3am that morning, which makes me a bit concerned for tomorrow. That being said, nothing of the sort happened when I got home, so maybe there wasn't just one cause of it. As for the other thing, it is entirely my fault, but it's only the 3rd and I've already used up almost 20GB of my 25 this month. I knew it was coming, and for a while earlier it was quite something seeing my download speed in uTorrent up at ~300kbps, but that's done with now. At least until February, or whenever we get the bill for January.

I think that's all for now though, because I downloaded Kirby Squeak Squad immediately after waking up earlier this afternoon, and want to play that some more before going to bed. Oh, and on one final note regarding the not eating thing for tonight, I actually had dreams about that last night. All I can remember now was eating a chocolate, then realized I wasn't supposed to be doing that, and spitting it out into a bowl. Not particularly significant, but it seemed kind of funny at the time. I have until very early Tuesday morning to wait until though, which is definitely closer than it seems~

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