Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Neverending Quest

I have gone to at least three different places now in search of Bugles, and haven't been able to find them anywhere. 7-11 to begin, because the one over on Grand Ave used to always have the large bags, while the one on Richmond only had the smaller ones, but the latter only has Bits & Bites and such now, and I'm hoping to check the other one tomorrow. Then Walmart as well, which has a whole aisle labeled "Salty Snacks", but I couldn't see any there, and now, as of tonight, I've ruled out the possibility of Sobeys as well, because I went there around 1:30 for those as well as crackers, and came home with a box of Bacon Dippers and Swiss Cheese crackers, plus two tubes of those After 8 chocolate-mint sticks, and two packages of Mini Eggs, which were all less than a dollar each. At present that leaves Real Canadian Superstore, the 7-11 over on Grand Ave, Food Basics (which I'd forgotten about until now), and No Frills. One of those places has to have them, and when I do eventually get lucky you can rest assured I'm going to buy more than one bag.

I actually wasn't planning to go out at all tonight, but then around 12 I began to realize the final three hours of my not eating would take even longer to pass if I didn't find a diversion, and used the rest of my time between then and 1:30 working on Pic Pic. Finished ten puzzles in that today, and since it's well past 3am right now, the results of my fasting (although it sounds weird to use that word). On Saturday night, the scale said ~185 pounds, and before I ate my hamburgers and whatnot else tonight, it was down to about 175 instead. So I suppose that's not bad, and certainly something to keep in mind if things get out of control in the future again, but I'm glad to be done with it for now. Walking to and from work and then to Sobeys tonight was the worst part of it, because there's just something about doing that on an empty stomach that my body wasn't pleased with. If there's one thing it's good for though (aside from losing weight), it's that everything you see having to do with food past the first day sounds awesome <3 Speaking of which, breadsticks from Pizza Hut tomorrow night are still a possibility, but as yet that would probably require me to get a ride out there, because I'm not going to place a delivery order for those alone, and I may be doing at least two hours of walking to begin with, depending on whether or not I decide to go out to Real Canadian Superstore.

Speaking of which, it may have not happened yet, but for the past couple days Sheila has been telling everybody that we were to be starting our new promotion today. The Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, which is ridiculously inexpensive so I just know we'll be getting orders for upwards of 5 of them at a time, and as for what that means, I'd like to try one, because they look decent enough. Perhaps a bit heavy on nutritional content (see here), but as stated the little displays we have at the back right now say they're supposed to be only $1.79, which is quite reasonable, especially if I were to order one before work on Friday, and thus be able to get half off. Or maybe even for free because Steve's closing and he's not one to care about that sort of thing, but that would require me to wait until the supper managers are gone.

Other than that, it's been a mostly standard day. The most abnormal thing(s) would be sleeping in quite late (~5pm), and somehow causing my laptop to come unplugged long enough before that to cause the battery to have completely drained by the time I woke up (which was more of a relief in the end anyways, because there was no delay at the welcome screen that time either). Oh, and it may have been sitting there for a couple days, but while I was in the kitchen waiting for my hamburgers earlier, I noticed one envelope addressed to me (as in Karadur, and not my real name), and another from "The Economist", which is almost certainly junk mail. I should probably open those now before I forget about them again (I still have an unopened birthday card that I think is from Aunt Carol and Uncle Brent), but I'll leave what's inside until tomorrow. That way, I'll have at least one thing to write about, although the rest of the day shouldn't be that boring. We shall see~

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