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Nowhere Near Uneventful

Splitting this entry into different topics, because it helps alot for organization.

The Events of Today] It started with waking up around 4, and shortly after finishing my cereal, deciding that I'd leave for Walmart at 5. I did just that, and stopped by Taco Bell on the way out to grab some napkins with which to blow my nose, then continued on for the rest of the way without stopping from there. Walmart mostly still had what I wanted, in that there was one 5-pack bag of those cheesies left, then many more packages of 8, which must be alot smaller or something. So I grabbed one of each, which cost me exactly $8.75 (expensive for cheesies, but reasonable considering I got 13 bags in total), then took a short walk over to Real Canadian Superstore, to look for Bugles, of course. Much to my chagrin they didn't have any, so I took off again, but not before stopping to look over the remaining Christmas candy to see if it had gone down in price. The next place I stopped after that was Food Basics, and they didn't have Bugles either. Same thing with Shoppers, because I checked both places, but I left without buying anything from them as well, because there was nothing I wanted.

My next destination following Shoppers was Taco Bell again, for more napkins and a glass of water, then also to declare that I'd just been to four different places looking for Bugles but couldn't find them anywhere, to which Ang responded that they were quite hard to find these days. Quite, and after that I exchanged a few words with Steve about how the new promotion obviously hadn't started (they had the Cheesy Gordita Crunch displays put up instead, which is what we were supposed to do after running out of the black shells), then took off for home again. I actually took one last slight detour to 7-11, on the off chance that they would have the ever-elusive snack, but the same as Walmart and everywhere else was true with them, so I took off again, not giving a second thought to buying anything while I was there, and for what it's worth, the only reason I mention that is because every time in the past, it's felt like my presence in whatever store obligated me to buy something instead of just leaving empty-handed, which is definitely a waste of money, and thus hopefully something I'll be putting a stop to now.

Possibly with the exception of tomorrow, that is, because I intend to visit No Frills, The Bargain(!) Shop, and Giant Tiger to look for Bugles, and I'd hate to walk all the way out to the former two and not buy anything. Giant Tiger, yes, because assuming they still have them, I want to get more of those 65 cent boxes of chocolates and Toblerone bars. Although one genuine concern with all the candy I have right now is how long it'll take me to go through all of it. If any is left during the summer, it will most likely melt (even partially), and that would be a waste of money too, if somewhat a delayed one. We'll find out tomorrow, I suppose, because for all I know they may not have any of what I want left.

Anyways, getting back to today's events, I left at 5, and got home around 6:45. Awesome time considering it's taken me at least two hours to go all the way out there and back every other time in the past, and this time I was sick on top of having the wind blowing against me all the way out there. What's more, as much as I'd have liked to rest upon getting home, I set about washing my dishes almost straight away, because before I left, I asked Dad if we could go to Pizza Hut around 7:30, so I wanted to have them finished by then.

That, unfortunately, did not turn out the way I was hoping. I managed to get the wash sink filled up about halfway before the water turned cold, as a result of Adam being in the shower upstairs. The easier option would've been to put the dishes off until later, but I didn't want the thought of still having them to do lingering over me, so I resorted to grabbing a pot from the cupboard, filling it with water, and putting it on the stove. Yes indeed, I had to boil water to wash the dishes, and it was awesome <3 Eventually Adam finished and came down to say sorry, then suddenly switched topics and asked me what he should pack for a trip outside of the country. I wasn't aware of any plans he had, but the best I was able to figure out is that he's going to the states to visit a friend of his. So I answered his question by querying Google and directing him to the first link that looked relevant, then went back to washing for a bit, before he came back asking how he could possibly bring water on an airplane, leading to me looking up a site about airline restrictions, which he went back out to the dining room to read.

He came back into the kitchen one more time with a small piece of paper which he started writing his name on, so I asked why he wouldn't do that on the computer, a question that was answered when he asked "How would I do that?", so I opened Wordpad and directed him to type whatever he wanted in such a way that it would fit on the little luggage tag he appeared to be making, then had to fuss with the printer because it first wouldn't recognize that there was a piece of paper in it, then after that finally went through, complained about there being no black ink, so he had to get Naomi to do it instead.

Meanwhile, as for my dishes, I ended up taking a short break around 7:30 to call Pizza Hut and place my order, after realizing I would be much better off picking it up at 9. That ended up being as close to the truth as possible, because by the time I finished washing, drying, and putting everything away, it was quarter to 9, and by the time we got out to Pizza Hut, my stuff was just being finished. That was probably the one annoying part of the day though, because their debit machine inside the store (no less) asks if you want to leave a tip, and I didn't have the heart to say no, so I left $5 under the premise it could be seen as compensation for them holding off on making my order so I could pick it up at 9 instead of 7:45, as I was originally advised. What's more, when placing the order I asked for a large order of breadsticks, which I assumed the guy on the other end would interpret as being plain, but no, they had cheese on them. I'm not going to complain about that now, because a good portion of them have been eaten, and I didn't bother to ask for a receipt so for all I know I may have been charged the price for plain breadsticks instead.

As for the rest of the night after that, it was nowhere near that busy. I spent at least an hour reading stuff online (a Wikipedia related links sort of thing), worked on Pic Pic, and had a shower which started with needing to shave and nothing else, but not wanting to use the sink for that. Altogether fun, and almost rewarding in a way, but it will be bedtime soon, and thus the end of this day.

Pieces of a Dream I Had Last Night] I think I was at home when it started, and I was either reading and article in a newspaper or online, or was watching something on TV about how some criminal had been caught, and would be executed in front of a public audience that very night. Perhaps a bit macabre right away, but it gets worse. While nobody actually said anything to me, I somehow knew we (our family) would be attending whether we wanted to or not (and I didn't want to go), but am pretty sure I didn't think much else of it, because I made my stance quite clear.

Sadly, that was not to be, because the next thing I remember was being in an arena with many other people, and two figures in the middle, one who was presumably the criminal, and the other, the person who was going to kill him. Hardly any time passed by before that guy jabbed the criminal with two large cone-shaped objects which looked to be charged with electricity, causing him to bounce back a noticeable distance, and the criminal to fall to the ground.

Then it got even weirder, because a celebration of some sort started, with performers and whatnot else running about in the center of the arena, almost like a circus instead of the site of an execution. Unfortunately, the only specifics I can remember about that were, as already stated, the people running around in the middle of the arena, and another guy, viewed from a much closer angle, sawing at a flat red counter, but with the saw flipped upside down. Oh, and he was singing, but all I could think at the time was "Turn the saw the other way". Also, it may be worth noting that it distinctly felt like we were in the garden area of Canadian Tire one second, then Walmart the second after that. I can't say what makes me so certain of such, but I just got a really strong feeling that we were actually in those buildings.

Also, one other thing is the song the guy was singing. I can't remember the words now, which I'm really quite dismayed with, but they were still in my head at least half an hour after I woke up, and I even sang them to myself a couple times while laying in bed after waking up, still thinking about the dream. It's weird how that can happen...

Now, there is one possible explanation for why I had that dream. I started a new file on Kirby Superstar Ultra yesterday, and played through enough of it to make frequent use of the Sword power. With it, when you jump and attack and enemy, you bounce back from it a bit when your sword strikes, which is the same thing that happened in the dream when the mystery man jabbed the criminal. He bounced back in the same style, and everybody in the stands started cheering.

Oh, and not that it's related to that one, but I can remember a small piece of another dream, in which I was showing two rather large women all the food I have in my room. I have no explanation for where that one came from, but it may have something to do with how last night was the first time I'd eaten since Saturday.

Other Assorted Bits] First of all, the envelope addressed to me was a Christmas card from Kumakehu. I would presume he already knows I wasn't expecting to see any this year, after arrangements for such were never made, but that was a nice surprise, so if you see this, thanks ^^; As for the other one, it was junk mail as expected, and I still haven't opened that birthday card. My Megaman Starforce 3 guide should be showing up next week though, and that's about it for now, but I've come to realize I still don't have my calendar or Game & Watch Collection from Nintendo, so I should probably email them soon too. As unlikely as it is, I was reading an article online a week or so ago about how some guy in the states was spotted stealing packages as soon as they were delivered, and I would hate for the same to be happening here. After all, there aren't many other explanations for where that keychain I was supposed to get went, so we'll see about that too.

On a completely different note, a couple nights ago at work it occurred to me that it's January now, and I haven't yet emailed Michele to ask when she wants me to come back. Sure, I have been enjoying having Wednesdays off from that, but everything related to P2P will be starting again soon, and I'm pretty sure things will be done differently this year too, because we weren't following the directions properly or something. I'll send her an email before calling it a night though, and will hopefully have a response by the time I wake up.

The only other thing that doesn't fit in either of those other two areas is a correction to what I said yesterday. In all likelihood, I weighed closer to 180 pounds on Saturday night. By the time I brought my scale into the bathroom and checked what it said, I had eaten quite a bit, and all of that food still being in my system would definitely add some extra weight. Still, the results are decent, and that's what matters.

Finally, the only thing I can say outside the cut for now is that my plans for tomorrow thus far are to visit No Frills, The Bargain(!) Shop, and Giant Tiger. I sorely hope one of those places has Bugles in stock, especially because I don't want to walk all the way out to No Frills and not buy anything, but Giant Tiger might still have a couple other things I'd like to get. Actually, make that maybe get, because this is coming to the point now where I might still have candy left once summer gets here, and I'd hate for all of it to melt (even partially (which I already said in the first cut, but will put in here too)). Literally, I have 5 (I think) and a half boxes of Pot of Gold chocolates, 3 normal-sized Russell Stover packages, along with twenty-two (seriously) of the small 4-chocolates-per boxes, a nondescript chocolate bar and container of mini Toblerones from Shoppers, a normal sized Toblerone bar from Real Canadian Superstore (once again, I think), a small 35 gram bar of the same sort from Giant Tiger, two tubes of After 8 mint sticks and two bags of Mini Eggs from Sobeys (one of each have been opened), just about two months worth of advent calendar chocolates, an almost-full container of those oatmeal cookies I made a while ago, and eight boxes of Neilson-type chocolates. Way, way too many to begin with, but on top of that, more items that are hopefully non-perishable. At least four bags of chips from Real Canadian Superstore (there may actually be 5), seven medium-sized bags of cheesies, along with eight small, two boxes of cheese sticks from Shoppers, and one open box of Swiss Cheese crackers and Bacon Dippers each. Oh, and to top it all off, some Halloween candy and a case and a half of Amp energy drinks (from a source that will as yet remain undisclosed). I am not even remotely close to kidding, and here I wonder why I didn't seem to be losing weight. Indeed. I might even consider giving some away, but wouldn't know where to start outside of work.

Anyways though, it's quarter after 8 right now so I need to be getting to bed, as I'll probably end up sleeping until 5 tomorrow. Well within limits when I don't work again until Friday, but depending on Michele's response that may have to change soon. Oh well~

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