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Two Rather Busy Days

I don't understand this. No less than half an hour ago, I wanted to sit down and write an entry in here as soon as I stepped into the shower, but now that I'm back in my room and dried off, I cannot think of anything to say. Fortunately, I have a small list of topics that were on my mind last night, but I ended up going to bed early after having spent the rest of the night working on Pic Pic, which took away any desire to do other things afterwards. Coincidentally enough, the same might end up being true of tonight, because Mom told me earlier that we're supposed to be getting our hair cut tomorrow. Nice to have been warned in advance, but she went on to say that going there would depend on the condition of the roads, and if what they're like right now is any indication, we'll have to wait until a later date. Not that I have any issues with the length of my hair at present, but I'll still have to go to bed early tonight, just in case the roads are clear by morning and we head out at 12:30. Anyways, I hate to follow the same sort of format two days in a row (or perhaps two entries instead), but it'll be easier tonight as well, and possibly serve to do away with this writers block sort of feeling.

Much More Walking (and my Spontaneous Route Changes)] Starting with yesterday, because this is the one thing I had written about before calling it a night instead. My original plans were simply to walk out to No Frills and The Bargain(!) Shop to look for Bugles, but as I passed by Sobeys on the way out, I turned my head to look down Park Ave, and reasoned that if the two places I was headed to didn't have what I wanted, I could walk down that street and check Zellers, if not other places. So I continued walking along Lacroix, all the way out to Indian Creek Road West, which was kind of fun and interesting because I haven't been out that way along that street since one afternoon a very long time ago where an old friend and I walked out to the golf course to look for golf balls in the creek. We made off with a couple full grocery bags of them too (which surprisingly did not split open), and gave a small pile to two old ladies playing the course at their request as well.

Getting back on track, it was fun going out that way for a change, but proved to be fruitless in the end, because all I could find at No Frills was the same I had been seeing everywhere else (Bits & Bites and some type of popcorn in the same sort of bag), and The Bargain(!) Shop only had candy and a few select varieties of chips. Not wanting to give up so easily, however, I continued down Queen Street to Shoppers and checked there, obviously to no avail (they seem to be hit-and-miss for alot of things I want, unless it's something they're the only ones to carry), so acting on the thought I had earlier took off down Park Ave, all the way out to Keil, which I still hate walking along (the latter street, that is), because the wind out there always seems to be so much worse than it does anywhere else. Regardless, I turned at that intersection, and continued along Keil until I reached Charlie's Variety, which I chose to investigate. That actually turned out to be a good idea, because they had one bag of Bugles, which I promptly brought up to the counter and paid for.

On a side note here, I really regret that they're the only place I know of in this city to carry those "Charleston Chew" chocolate bars. Perhaps it's simply that I don't trust convenience stores other than 7-11 now, but the guy at the counter was about as close to unfriendly as possible (the only things I can remember him saying were my total, and a slight grunt as I said thanks on the way out), and I don't quite trust those Bugles to be of reasonable freshness either. Just something about how there was only one bag on the shelf, but that's really the reason I didn't check any of those non 7-11 convenience stores first.

Moving on, even though I had my bag of Bugles then, I still wanted to check Zellers, so I made my way over there, and saw the same thing as at No Frills. Popcorn and Bits & Bites, which wasn't entirely unexpected, and certainly less of a letdown after having just found what I wanted. Normally at that point I would've taken Grand Ave most of the way home, but having walked that far already, I decided to continue out along Keil Drive to McNaughton. I wouldn't have been surprised to have a cop stop me along that little bit of road without a sidewalk and ask where I was going, but none came by at all, so I was left to walk along the gravel at the side of the road and be amused at how the cars passing by me seemed to be keeping near the left side of the lane, even though I was well out of the way. Anyways, I eventually reached McNaughton, and started the journey all the way down that street to St. Clair. Not at all an unfamiliar route, but it was only my second time walking back towards Taco Bell instead of away from it, at least for the stretch between Baldoon and Keil. That had to be the longest part of my walk, because my PSP battery died shortly before the intersection at McNaughton and Sandys (either that, or I hit pause on the remote by accident, but still thought the battery had died), but I continued on to St. Clair, and to Taco Bell from there, to rest for a couple minutes and get a cup of water.

That rest was actually the cause of the other bad part of my walk. I started to shiver just before I left, even though I felt fine up until that point. I wasn't cold after going back outside, or at least I wasn't after the sweat that had formed on my body dried up, but my ankles were incredibly sore too, although they loosened back up and started feeling normal again within short order. I didn't go anywhere else on the way home, and it was rather a normal walk from there, aside from crossing the street as soon as I had the chance.

In sum, I walked about 14km (accounting for the distance covered in those several stores) in approximately two and a half hours, which is quite satisfying to look back on now ^^

As for today, I took a decidedly shorter trip out to Money mart, SuperStop (I think that's the same of the dollar store I was calling "Supersave" before), and Taco Bell. I put another $30 on my card at Money Mart so there's enough to cover January's $15 and Reader's Digest's subscription fee whenever they decide to take it, then went across the street to that dollar store to buy more of the "magic scarf" things I picked up a couple of last time I was there (they haven't any practical use for me, but I find them awesome for some reason), and finally went back down the street to Taco Bell, because I had brought along a margarine tub full of cookies in hopes that Melissa would still be there so I could give her some. Last time I saw her, she complained (in fun) of overhearing from other staff how I gave them "really good" cookies, but didn't have any for her, and sure enough, she wasn't there today either. Orlando said she had gone home at 5, and it had to have been close to 6:30 by the time I walked in there, so we'll see tomorrow, I guess. After all, there's a very slight chance I might end up calling them to say I'll be late, and that would give me a chance to see if Melissa is working, but why I might call in is a different topic.

Adam Has a Trip Coming Up] Shortly after I got home today, Dad asked if I worked tomorrow, and when told "Yes", asked if I'd be here for Adam's special supper. After a bit of pressing for more details, I learned that he's going on a two-week trip to Arkansas sometime soon, possibly within the next few days, and Mom and Dad are making a special supper as a way to send him off. So first of all that explains why there's a turkey and a large bowl of lumpy neon green stuff in the fridge (I know it's some kind of dessert, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at it), and second of all, as soon as I wake up tomorrow I'm going to ask Mom or Dad (whoever I see first) what time they plan on supper being at, and if that conflicts with when my shift is supposed to start, I'll call them to say "I'm going to be a bit late tonight". I haven't in well over a year (the last time I even called in sick was before the Islington furmeet back in 2008), and I can't picture them being too pressed to find somebody willing to stay for an extra hour, if it even comes to that, because we haven't been busy lately.

After all, it'll be the first time Adam goes away on his own for something like that, and it would simply be wrong of me to not be present. It's kind of funny actually, because at the exact moment Dad said he was going to Arkansas, a little piece of me started freaking out in an overprotective way. More or less wanting to ask him "Have you planned out your trip in detail? What will you do if you get stranded somewhere? Who are you going to see? How can we contact them if there's an emergency?" and press for every other iota of information possible, but as I recall, the same thing must have been happening back when I was getting ready to go to London with Cola, because Mom and Dad both asked what the phone number there was in case some emergency crept up, and I dismissively said something like "I'll be fine", because I was aware of all the relevant info. I know I've mentioned it once or twice before, but as I say it so infrequently, one more time wouldn't hurt. Contrary to other appearances, I do care about my family a great deal, so I suppose those thoughts are only sensible.

However, that's not to say I'm going to actually go through with questioning him so thoroughly, but it was just interesting to note the thoughts that went through my head as soon as I heard that.

Keeping on the topic of trips, his coming up quite soon has gotten me to thinking about when I want to go to London again. For now, I'd like to see one trip up there during either the last week of January, or first couple of February. Mostly so I can get an idea of what things there are to be found along the route between the train station and White Oaks mall, so if and when I go there again during the spring or summer, I'm not left wandering around wondering where I should go. Then there's also the possibility of figuring out the bus schedule, but as yet that might end up being more bother than it's worth. I haven't looked yet though, so I can't say.

I've also been having other thoughts regarding what might happen after that. Assuming it's possible to walk into the train station, get a ticket to London, and hop on the train as soon as it comes by, that would be a fun way to spend an otherwise boring day. I've literally seen close to 95% of this city with all my walking around over the past couple years (although mostly along main streets), so I'd like to get out and go somewhere else again. This is mere speculation at the moment, of course, but the idea of doing that on a whim sounds fun too :3

Further to the walking, since I've got myself thinking along those lines now, I've been toying with the idea recently of walking out to Arbys for supper some night coming up. I definitely can get out there and back, and I'd also like to stop by the Tim Hortons out on Bloomfield as well, because it and the one next to Wendys on St. Clair Street are the only two I haven't been to in Chatham. It would mean something tom e to buy at least one thing from all of them, so yeah ^^;

Smaller Things that Have No Common Basis] First of all, the weather as of late. Maybe it's because of how fast I've been walking everywhere or something (a calculator I found online last night said I was going at approximately 5.6km/hr on my walk yesterday), but it hasn't seemed nearly as cold this year. Honestly, on Wednesday I made it out to the intersection at Lacroix and Tweedsmuir before taking my headband off before it was beginning to bother me, and tonight I took it off as soon as I got to Money Mart, because even though the snow was falling quite thickly, I was still really warm. It's even stranger in my room, because years past I've had to use at least two blankets to keep me warm at night, but lately I've had one thin sheet covering me with my fan blowing, and was still on the warm side. Until I fell asleep, anyways, because one's body temperature tends to drop a couple degrees while you're at rest, but it's not the same.

Secondly, when I stopped at Taco Bell yesterday, Manoah and I talked for a bit, and Sheila's decision to start selling the Beefy 5-Layer Burrito was one topic of discussion, among others. The way the story goes, she put up all the displays and whatnot on Monday morning, and had a customer ask for one relatively soon after that. Upon pressing the button, however, it wouldn't work, so she called head office to ask them what was going on. I would've liked to ask her what was going on, because I can't see her being absentminded enough to think that she could sell the new item when the promotion hadn't started yet. Oh sure, we can make them, but I guess the funny part about it was just imagining her reaction. She does have a tendency to make assumptions like that, but I've yet to be witness for one. Then we also got to talking about torrents, and I explained the difference between seeders and leechers, and how he should always download the torrent for whatever he wanted that had the most seeders, when Warren walked up and made himself part of the conversation out of the blue.

It wasn't so much a problem, but just annoying that he would interrupt like that, but I guess I can count that as another reason I should be glad we don't work together all that often. Anyways, the only other thing of mention is that I still have to send Manoah a link to where he can download InfraRecorder, along with a list of places to find torrents besides at The Pirate Bay, if I can find enough to make it worthwhile. I could just say "Search Google for [whatever you want to download] torrent", but that carries with it a chance that he'd find one of those scam sites with several alleged links to the file(s) you're looking for, with statistics that make it look like that download had just been added, and was still very popular, and I'd get another email or question at work from him asking how to get said files from that site.

Finally, something curious I noticed before falling asleep last night. Several questions were going through my mind even while I was drifting off to sleep, and twice (that I can remember) I woke up again, feeling that I might have found an answer to one or more of those questions, but as soon as I tried to recall it, anything that was going through my mind just before I nodded off vanished. It's sort of like I wasn't completely asleep, but the only thing keeping me from being so was the questions. They weren't all that important either, but that was the first time I felt that sensation.

On a slightly different note, I can't remember what brought it to mind, but still while I was laying there with my head on the pillow, I was thinking about how I read something online a while ago that said it was possible to identify which printer a piece of paper came from based on invisible dots found on the surface of the paper. My train of thought was something like how I would go about communicating a completely anonymous message to somebody, and then the idea of using a typewriter came to mind. Unfortunately that didn't last long, because I was quickly reminded of another old friend I had (not the one I mentioned above) who encouraged me to help him smash an old typewriter with a hammer in our basement. It wasn't of any value, as far as I know, and was most likely intended for us to do whatever we wanted with, because we used to entertain ourselves for long hours playing in the basement. Getting back to last night, I just felt an overwhelming sense of regret for doing that. Sure, it was just a typewriter, and it wasn't being used for anything, but I have to wonder why we didn't put more effort into trying to take it apart properly or find something else to do instead. Yeah.

Anyways, comparing what I'm definitely getting to the point of incoherency now, so I should probably be off to bed just in case we are going to Tilbury in the morning. Aside from that, I work from 8 to close for the first time in four days, and would like to finish the two mazes I didn't do in Pic Pic tonight. They'll bring me up to 370, so hopefully I'll still have enough time to finish the rest next week. Speaking of next week, my Megaman Starforce 3 guide will not be here quite as early as I'd hoped. I just received an email yesterday night saying that it had been shipped out earlier that day, but I'm still not sure what the cause for the delay was. That'll be it for tonight otherwise, so I'm just left to hope things return to normal tomorrow. I have enjoyed these four days off, what with all the walking around they involved, but there's something to be said for normal routine as well. That does get boring eventually too, of course, but a little bit of each seems to be working well enough right now~

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