Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Day Ahead Again

For some reason it feels like Sunday today, which I do wish it was because then we'd only be at work until ~1:30 instead of ~3:30, or I wouldn't even have to go there, depending on which way you want to look at it. A night off would be nice anyways, especially after yesterday. I was first of all not in the best state of mind when I went to bed, then awoke at 12 noon to Mom knocking on my door saying we'd be leaving for Tilbury at 12:30. Going there wasn't all bad, I suppose, but it was just my attitude towards her when I woke up and thereafter until we got home and I was able to have a nap that I wasn't pleased with. The rest of the night after that was mostly better, because as mentioned in my previous entry we had that sort of special supper (quite reminiscent of Thanksgiving, including stuffing), and work was mostly slow and amusing, including one point at the end of the night where Manoah punched me in the head so I locked him in the walk in. Whether or not that was in fun I will leave to one's own interpretation at the moment, but suffice it to say I still got a ride home from them because I thought I was going to have something to do here at first which would've required at least an hour, and my ankle also still hurt quite a bit.

After that, I found, paid for (all of $6), and downloaded this, then spent about an hour earlier this afternoon converting / renaming / retagging / uploading and everything else related to it, and they can all be found here now. In so doing I learned that Mp3tag is actually much more versatile than I'd realized at first, because to begin with I was only using it to mass-tag a group of MP3s with the same album name or something else like that, because it was quicker than having to go through the Properties dialog for each individual file, but now I've come to find that it can also be used to create playlists, automatically number tracks, and convert filenames to "Title" tags, or the other way around "Title" tags to filenames, which would've saved me alot of typing in the past. For now though I have one more program to add to my reinstall partition and external drives <3

On another note, while I was pacing around the kitchen waiting to eat yesterday, Mom asked if I wanted the receipt to return that bread maker, and I told her "There's not much I could think of to make with it", but then she went on to say that if I didn't want to use it Naomi had shown an interest, then Adam yelled from out in the dining room (and I quote) "Dude, homemade bread would be flipping awesome!" So I will, hopefully tomorrow afternoon, be looking around for a relatively simple recipe online. My poking around thus far has yielded a couple that look interesting (one called "Amish Bread" which Manoah would find all too funny), and with any luck I'll find one to set aside time to make later this week. I think I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, but after that I'm back to alternating one day on and one day off again until Monday and Tuesday, which is a bit frustrating.

I've a couple things to do before work tonight though, namely packing up some more cookies and putting that new music on my PSP, so I'm off to take care of those. Or so that's what I thought about ten minutes ago before I started looking at bread recipes again, so now I am for sure~

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