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My left arm smells and tastes of Taco Bell's pizza sauce, and I'm tired as hell. That was a very frustrating shift at work tonight. Don't want to hear why? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway :P

First of all, when closing, I usually end up getting stuck on drive-through. I have no problem with that. Drive-through is, honestly, one of the easiest jobs to do there. However, I ended up going in, tucking in my shirt and putting my name tag on, and walking up to the front to see that I still had 10 minutes before my shift started. However, Josh asked me to clock in and grab whatever fries he needed, as he was making the food by himself. After that, I basically switched between being on line (where the food is made), dropping fries, or preparing whatever ingredients were needed (steak, chicken, and such). I'm not used to doing that sort of thing at night, so instantly I was more apprehensive than normal, but I still managed to get done what needed to be done.

About 3:30 in the morning, Michelle called. Not Michele from Heart and Stroke, either. I'm talking about a certain Michelle that knew Josh and I back in public school. She's come through the drive-through a couple times before, and tonight she actually saw fit to phone us up. Long story short, Josh talked to her, then I did, then Manoah, Kevin, and finally Jerome. In the end, she was asking Jerome to ask me why I wouldn't talk to her. First of all, when I'm there, I'm there to do the work that's required of me, and take part in breaks and such, and also have fun with the other employees. However, I don't like it when they start involving me personally in their activites. I prefer to be left alone, or to just have a very small part in conversation. I've yet to tell everyone else that though, so they automatically assume I'm fair game ._.

Getting back on topic, after she hung up, Manoah and Jerome went outside to have a smoke, and I followed them (not to smoke though). Kevin started teasing me about what had been said on the phone, so I figured it'd just be better to head to the back and wash some dishes, so I did so. About 10 minutes into that, something weird happened. I don't know how to describe it, other than to say that my whole body relaxed for a split second, and I instantly felt light-headed and drowsy. For the rest of the night, it seemed like my body was 75% on autopilot, and I was controlling the other 25%. Josh told me to go out and clean the customers' bathrooms (as the actual dining room closer either did an awful job, or didn't do anything at all. As I was wiping off the mirrors, I understood what I was doing, but it didn't feel like I was the one actually moving my arm. It was like my brain had disjointed itself from the rest of my body, but not enough to actually do anything noticeable by other people.

I finished cleaning the bathrooms, and went back inside to get the mop, and despite looking around the whole back area, it wasn't until I took a second look that I noticed where it was.

Oooooooooo. Those donuts went right through me. I must visit the toilet. Just a second.

Much better. Pokemon location guides make good bathroom reading material in a pinch :)

Back to work though. A better way to describe the way I felt after the occurance while washing dishes would be this: it felt like someone else was controlling my body, by moving me themselves. Like a game on Whose Line is it Anyway. Whoever's participating in the game has to go completely limp, and someone from the audience is asked to provide their actions for the scene given. It felt like someone else was behind me, holding and controlling my arms, legs, and every other part of my body. It was actually pretty cool. A reason for it would probably be that I was up at 12:20 today, and have been going since. that's well over half a day.

The last bad thing was with the garbage. I was taking a bag out to the bin in the back, and Kevin told me to try to chuck it a good distance away from the bin. I did so, and by some miracle, the bottom of the bag managed to give way, sending it's contents flying. Kevin was rolling on the ground laughing at the time, so I hoofed it back into the building to grab another bag, and cleaned up the big stuff. That's why my arm smells like pizza sauce.

I have to work the same hours tomorrow, although I think I'll end up being on drive-through. See, Josh, Kevin, Jerome, and myself are working, and in the past with that staff, I've been the one assigned to that particular job. Honestly, I hope that's what I have to do tomorrow. I plan on bringing in my PSP so I'll have some music to listen to, as Josh had his iPod strapped to his arm nearly the whole night, and I figure if he can do something like that, I can too.

Ooooh. Excitement. Xeon just hacked into Acmlm's account, and posted both a new thread and announcement in his name. I was thinking of going to bed soon, but I wouldn't miss this for the world. Time to see how this unfolds. BTW, for those not in the know, Xeon was banned for hacking some time ago. He says he hacks for good only, but we're about to see whether that's true or not. Oh boo. He logged off. So much for fun an excitement.

On that note, I'm going to go to bed. I don't have to be anywhere until 9 tonight, but I still want to get a proper amount of sleep.

I had planned on confessing something in this entry, but it appears that'll have to wait until another time...

Edit: WTF. The thread I referenced three paragraphs up is gone. So is the announcement. Wow. My post radar also shows Acmlm being back to not having posted anything else at all. Going to my profile gives an SQL error, and my last post was made in () o_O However, the post I actually made in the thread here is still there. As Dragon master put it, posting in a legendary thread indeed o_o

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