Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Temptations Rising Yet Again

I find myself thinking that there's still time enough for me to email Michele and say "I actually won't be in this week" if I so desired, but the only reason for that (presently) is how it's 8am and I'm still awake. Plus tomorrow I plan on going to 7-11 for a small snack once I finish the last of Pic Pic's mazes, which might keep me up quite early too depending on when I go, but then again I have both Tuesday and Wednesday off, so taking a quick nap the latter afternoon would be easy enough. That is, if we weren't going grocery shopping then, because before leaving for work tonight I asked Mom if we could go early this week since I work on Thursday, and she said yes, so we will be. In regards to tonight, I started working on Pic Pic again around 1:30, and as previously stated, it's now 8am. Did 8 more puzzles, despite my intentions to do only 7, but that leaves another 8 to finish tomorrow, and then I'm done. Aside from dishes, that is, but they shouldn't be too bad.

Getting back to what I mentioned earlier now, as stated I was thinking about going to London again last night before bed, and suddenly I got the idea of going there around Christmas provided there would be places open 24 hours, as they were here. Of course, staying at a hotel for a couple nights would greatly help that, but the idea of catching the last train from Chatham to go there for the night, then return on the first one leaving London has a certain appeal to it <3 Then again, that would entail at least nine hours hours of being out and about, and the best I've done around here so far is close to 3. Still a fun idea though, but for now I'll still be content with just going there for the afternoon / evening sometime soon.

As for work tonight, it was annoyingly busy at first, but that dropped off sharply around 10pm, to the point where we had everything ready to go for closing by about 12:30, and were out of there in about half the time we usually manage after 1. My only complaint is James with his phone and just having to hook it up to the radio, apparently thinking that we wanted to hear his music as well (some of it is okay, but at the time in question all of it was annoying because of how busy we were), but he was done at 11, so it didn't continue for too long. Also, something outside of work. As I was getting ready to leave tonight, Mom told me to say bye to Adam, because it was "the last time you'll see him for two weeks", so I figured he would be heading out on the bus around 9 or 10:30 (I can't remember which), but to my surprise saw him still sitting in front of the computer when I got home. From what I'm told he's actually getting a ride from whoever he's going to visit, and then will be providing his own transportation home.

Just something of interest, I guess, but now I need to get to bed, because I'm setting my alarm for 3pm. I need some incentive to get to bed early tomorrow night, and that's the best way I can think of to achieve that right now~

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