Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

They Read my Mind

This seems like all too coincidental timing. I recently got the idea that I should walk out to Arbys some night I have off with nothing else to do, and what would come in the mail today, but coupons for that very place. I suppose I could actually go tomorrow in that light, but probably not, because I only have one day off before returning to close on Saturday and Sunday, but after that I don't work again until Friday night, so definitely somewhere in that stretch of four days <3 I probably won't even leave the house tomorrow, at that, but there is the slight possibility of taking another trip to Sobeys for the ingredients I need to make a loaf of cheese bread. Had I thought to write them down before leaving for work, I could've gone there on my way home because I went all the way out to Michener for a change of pace again, but I didn't think it necessary at the time.

I'm actually kind of surprised I made it all the way out there, and that I had as much energy as I did at work tonight. I was up until 10am yesterday morning waiting for a package to arrive (the tracking page listed it as being "out for delivery" ever since 7:21), which ended up being dropped off only a half hour after that, and I somehow woke up the same amount of time later (at 11), opened my laptop and refreshed the page, then still pretty much asleep, made my way downstairs into the kitchen, grabbed said package, went back upstairs, and slept quite soundly until 4. Then my alarm clock woke me up with a start (enough that I sort of "jumped" back in bed when it started going off), and I've been awake since then. Not that 6 hours of sleep is too little, but I would've figured consequences would be felt at work, especially after waking up early only the day before to go to Heart and Stroke.

Speaking of work tonight, it was pretty slow for a Thursday night, but Manoah's complete lack of interest in doing anything related to pre-close work was annoying. I cleaned the floors and rotated all of the stock by myself, which are the two biggest jobs needing to be done when the order comes in, and to make things better, during the former, he was outside having a smoke. I can appreciate that there I nights where I don't feel like doing anything and one of the other closers will have to make up for that by doing extra work, but normally he and I help each other to try and get things done more quickly and efficiently, but that didn't happen tonight. The one thing we did agree on was making a small snowman because it was just that busy, but in the end he knocked the head off trying to use a little twig for the mouth, and his Mom arrived shortly after that.

Anyways, I am becoming more and more anxious to go to bed as the time passes on here, so I might as well and get back to anything else I was going to do tomorrow afternoon instead. Aside from that, the only other thing of mention is that Adam may finally be leaving for his trip tomorrow (or maybe the day after, because his ride there is said to be staying the night here before they head out). I'm not anxious to get him out of here or anything, but rather I know from experience how frustrating those sorts of setbacks can be, so I can't help but feel a bit frustrated myself. We'll see tomorrow though, at least if I don't sleep through it. That's probably more likely than I may think tonight as well~

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