Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Love Getting Spam

LiveJournal must be getting hit with quite an influx of it lately too. I've seen a couple comments that might fall into that category in the past, but then these last two days I've received three, having to do with either shoes or boots, then a third item I can't remember. Getting the first one was kind of amusing, but after the second I noticed deleted comments still counted towards the total received count, so I changed several options in hopes that I won't get any more. In the same vein, I'm still getting emails from PSN Japan, one of which came just earlier this morning, but I could easily opt out of receiving those, if I wasn't still hoping that whoever used my address is doing things on the forum(s), and that perhaps another member would send a private message to that account, for which I would be notified of via email as well. Not yet, but it's still a possibility.

Anyways, continuing from the few things I mentioned before heading off to bed last night, I didn't sleep in quite as long as I'd have liked today (woke up at 4 again), but still got nine hours of sleep compared to six, so that's decent. I also didn't go to Sobeys, but have better reasons for that than just being lazy. As mentioned previously, I have Monday through Thursday off, and since I'm finally back into wanting to take longer routes home from work again, I'll walk out there after we close on Sunday ^^ I've also been thinking about whether or not I should stop at Tim Hortons along the way, but probably not, because going there will never be the same as what I want it to be like again. More or less, the very first night I decided to take that way home from work - all the way out McNaughton and down Keil - it was new and special, and almost a bit unsettling because I'd never ever walked around out there before, which made it all that much better. Oh, and Tim Hortons having triple chocolate cheesecakes back then definitely helped, but I've finally just now gone on their website and used the "Contact Us" form to see if I can find out exactly what happened to them. Using, might I add, a made-up name, "Mister Feather", but for now, hopefully they respond, unlike Taco Bell and my repeated questioning them about the disappearance of spicy chicken.

So as I was saying, it's really the first time, everything being new sort of feeling that I want to experience again, but as yet I'll probably end up going to the one out on Bloomfield this coming week when I head out to Arbys for supper. I might as well while I'm out there, and after that there will only be one in this city I haven't been to <3

Getting back to tonight though, I didn't do as much Pic Pic as I thought I would either (16, leaving me 9 short of my goal), but to counter that I ended up re-organizing my closet earlier in the evening, managing to cut down the number of boxes in there from 12 to 9. Along those lines you might think I would have vacuumed as well, but no, I didn't, because after I finished that I sat down to work on Pic Pic, which took me until after 1 to complete ten puzzles on, because I kept almost nodding off, and after that I spent far too much time fiddling around with Winamp and eventually finding another skin I liked. Then that led to changing my wallpaper and visual style again, and suffice it to say it's been a long night.

Not long enough, unfortunately, but before I ramble on any longer I'm going to take my (slightly pessimistic) self to bed, because it's almost 7am, and I'd like to be awake when Adam leaves for his trip tomorrow. He says that's for sure this time, and I can only assume it really is, because he already has his passport and everything else laid out in front of the computer. We'll see then, I guess, but I said the same thing last night as well. Meh~

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