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Never Thought Boxing Day would be so Busy

Yet another dull day. We went up to Wal-Mart earlier, to use our gift cards we got from Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark. Let it be known that I most definitely didn't think it'd be so busy there :o First thing me and Adam went for was the Electronics section, seeing as last year, we each got a $25 gift card again, and I ended up getting Wipeout Pure, along with some pop, but there was nothing interesting, or more nothing cheap enough this time. I was looking at Lumines II, but that was $30 before taxes.

So from there I went over to the food section, looked around a bit, then settled on getting some things from there, but then had to go back to the front of the store to grab a shopping cart. I got a box of Pecan Caramel Clusters, A box of Bits & Bites snack mix, containing two bags inside, a case of Orange Crush, and a case of Dew Fuel. Still got a little bit above $7 left on the card, so I might just get some more food with it next time we're out at EB Games or something. The frustrating part came after I put everything into the cart. Got up to the checkout, and had to wait in line for close to a half hour. About halfway through, Mom walked up beside me, but she didn't realize I was right there, so I turned to her, and told her not to butt in line, and she got all surprised :D Then what does she do though? Takes the items out of her cart, and puts them in mine, so she can stand in line with me.

What's more, when we finally got up to where we were actually standing in the checkout lane, Naomi saw us, and told Mom about how she'd already paid for her stuff, by going to the Customer Service counter. Then they both tried to convince me to get in line there with them, but being stubborn, I told her to take her items over there, and if she actually was able to pay for them there, then I'd come over as well. Ended up doing that, and funnily enough, right as I put all my stuff on the counter, the lady picked up the intercom phone thing, and made an announcement that the store was closed, but the front registers would remain open for a couple more minutes. Fun :p

We stopped by Taco Bell on the way back, so me and Adam could get some supper, and I ended up dropping Josh's coat and hat off as well. Adam ordered his usual 5 tacos, no lettuce, extra cheese and meat. I don't understand why he doesn't just pay for extra meat, then grate up as much cheese as he wants at home. It's his money though, so whatever. I ordered a chicken quesadilla, two meximelts, no onions or tomatoes, and a spicy chicken burrito without the pico. Walked over to see Adam trying to make out what was on the boards, which was when he realized it was meximelts that he really liked, so he should've ordered a couple of them. When we got back home though, I ended up giving him one of mine, for one of his tacos, which was a bad choice. I never realized how soft the hard shell got once the beef sat in it for a bit. Yuck.

Surprisingly, they didn't ask me to come in to work, but from what I heard before, one of the company's polices for time and a half days is "If you don't have enough people, that's too bad." Understandable, I guess, but you have to ask what would happen if everyone called in sick, leaving only one or two people in the store? It's possible, but only in the loosest sense of the word.

Anyways, for now, I think I'm gonna head up to Tim Hortons, because I really want a cafe mocha, and possibly to stop in at 7-11 as well, to see if they have the snack mix Mom and Dad got me a bag of for one of my Christmas presents. That stuff was surprisingly pretty good.

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