Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not the Best Night

I can only imagine the reactions of James and Manoah when they went outside after closing tonight. Under normal circumstances I'd have waited there with them for at least five minutes, but this time I took off without another word. After dealing with my cleaning and whatnot, I swept the entire floor from front to back, then went outside, untangled my headphones, found something to listen to on my PSP, and walked away while they were still inside doing who knows what. Frankly, I'm getting tired of closing with James because he always has to hook his phone up to the radio instead of leaving well enough alone, and as for Manoah, the worst he did was leaving me to take care of the orders myself after 2:30 because he wanted to wash dishes, meanwhile we were running quite low on several things, and it was his responsibility to deal with that, because my position tonight ended up being taking care of non line and drive through duties, which to him apparently means helping wherever he is.

Or I suppose to put it better, I truly cannot stand having to finish somebody else's job. If I'm put on line at the beginning of the night, I will try my absolute hardest to keep everything up there going myself, including getting things ready for close, and making sure the equipment in the middle is cleaned at the appropriate times as well without asking anybody for help, aside from small things like grabbing fries and the like if I'm busy. Last time I mentioned this, there was also a sentence that came down to that "there's no I in team" cliché, but I greatly prefer things that way as opposed to being dependent on somebody else to hold their own as well. So in all, it was a frustrating night, and I was quite annoyed most of the time, something which was probably commented on when they saw I wasn't waiting outside, but I don't see either of them until next weekend now, and my attitude will almost certainly have changed by then.

Now, with that in mind, there is one other reason I left for home without waiting for them, being that I wanted to walk out to Michener again, and was worried that if I did wait, it would be 4:00 by the time I set out, which would mean I wouldn't get home until 5. It actually ended up being 4:30 which is decent because it took me at least ten minutes to sweep and get ready to leave, which I started at 3:30, and I can only hope my walk tomorrow night goes so well too. Although I am slightly tempted to go the same way a third time, because both tonight and yesterday, a limo drove past me at about the same point on Grand Ave. Mind you, it the one yesterday was white, and tonight's was black, but that was an amusing coincidence.

I should really like to be getting to bed soon though, so as final bits to give me somewhere to pick up tomorrow night, Adam left today, which I ended up sleeping right through, for one. Him not being here hasn't felt much different yet, but there is a certain air of excitement, almost, at the idea of the house being a little bit more empty than it was before. Two, I've only just finished the 80th Magipic puzzle tonight, but I blame returning to work for my sudden lack of progress in those, and three, I'm almost certainly going to be withdrawing $20 before heading off on my way home tomorrow so I can stop at that Tim Hortons on Keil. Likely just for donuts and maybe a drink, because they probably won't have much of a selection at ~2am, but I'm looking forward to that already <3 In the meantime, I'm going to try sleeping for only 6 hours tonight, because today I got almost 9 and was tired at work, yet yesterday when I went to bed at 10am, I was alert and energetic the whole time. Maybe it'll work, but the only way to find out is to sleep and see what I feel like tomorrow night~

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