Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Too Much Walking Around

At least I assume that's what's to blame, but in any case, my ankles hurt tonight, enough so that if I was planning to go anywhere tomorrow, I might end up staying home in favor of not making it worse. Coincidentally I don't plan on going anywhere though, because there are some other things I want to do instead. Before I get to those, however, part of the walk tonight sucked for another reason, which I thought at first was because I had brought another can of Amp with me to work (I still have about a case and a half here <3) and drank it all in the twenty minutes between when we closed and left, but considering the timing, it probably was because of my stopping at Tim Hortons. I got only two donuts there, which was less than I expected (or at least imagined buying), but still a nice snack to have at home, but just after I started down the section of Keil Drive between Grand and Park Ave, I thought "Hey, I'm hungry, so why don't I eat my donuts right now?" and I did, which wasn't a good idea.

First of all because my walking speed is directly dependent on regular, uninterrupted breathing (which having a donut in one's mouth tends to impede), and secondly because they might very well have completely skipped my stomach, in that I was sort of uncomfortable walking down Park Ave, which only got worse when I went into Sobeys and stood mostly still while looking for the things I needed, and even moreso after that, ending in pretty much full-on pain by the time I made it home. Of course things were (very) quickly fixed there because I went straight up to the bathroom, but there was still about half an hour of walking before that.

Then, to make things even better (although this isn't quite as bad), the only item I bought at Sobeys was a package of flour. Oh, sure I was able to locate ranch dressing mix as well, but couldn't find the other ingredients that recipe called for, and I thought it pointless to buy that if I wasn't getting the rest of the things at the same time. So for tomorrow I will be making this bread instead, and will probably hold off on any sort requiring cheese until Adam returns from his trip, because he'd like that, and it would be a nice way to say "Wecome home" as well. I'm actually not sure when he's supposed to be back though, what with the week delay between when he was supposed to leave and when his ride finally made it here (they had some sort of emergency), but as with many other things, I'm in no rush.

Oh, and since it might bear mentioning, work went far better tonight. Gave George two more margarine tubs full of those cookies, because they were just going to waste sitting in my window here, and left the remaining ten or so downstairs in the kitchen. We weren't busy either, and Steve suspects that will drastically change tomorrow because some "baby bonus" is "out", making me even more glad to have four days off now ^^ I'm off to bed as such, hopefully to sleep in for at least an hour, but not as long as I've been letting myself in the past. It would appear that getting too much sleep really can leave you feeling drowsy throughout the day, and that was definitely apparent tonight, so now what I want to see is if the same can be applied to keeping me from almost nodding off several times around midnight tomorrow. If not, oh well, but there's quite enough evidence to support a positive outcome right now~

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