Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

At Least It's Popular

Had Adam still been here, the bread I made earlier tonight would've been gone by now. It still almost is though, because there's one, maybe two slices left, and then the crust at the end, which I'll eat tomorrow if it's still there. Just funny to look at, if anything. I put everything into the bread maker as directed around 7pm, and busied myself with things up here for the three hours it needed to rise and bake, then within half an hour after I pull it out, it's almost all gone. That leaves me wondering what I should make next, or at least before Adam gets back, and right now something like this seems most likely, because all I need is a bag of chocolate chips, which I could get as early as tomorrow night. Probably not though, because I was thinking to myself earlier that as long as the weather stays like it is now, I'll make an effort to walk out either to Michener or Keil to get home, because the exercise would do me good, especially after I was looking at the pictures taken when I was getting the first part of my tattoo, and saw how much better shape I seemed to be in back then.

In the same vein, I moved all my snacks into the spare room this afternoon so they'd be that much more of a bother to get to, but that was also brought on by hearing Naomi, Mom, and Dad out in Adam's room pounding on the wall, because they have some sort of surprise planned for him (and it occurs to me that there's a very slim chance he might even see this thus ruining the surprise, but oh well). They are, at very least, re-carpeting and painting his room, but I'm not sure where wailing at the wall with a hammer fits into that. Unless they're planning to put in new drywall as well, but I'll see before he does at least. I am so very glad they didn't do anything of that sort to my room while I was gone at MFF or to London for those several days at a time before. I like my room as it is (most of the time), and the last thing I would need is for any of them to be poking around in here, because no good would come of it.

As for waking up earlier than normal for a day off, it seems to have worked, because while I did get a little tired earlier this evening, I was nowhere close to feeling like I was going to fall asleep again. It still isn't fun waking up so early, mind you, but as long as I can get used to that instead, sleeping in every once in a while won't hurt. I would say tomorrow even, but not with going to Heart and Stroke on Wednesday, because the last thing I want is to start getting tired halfway out to Arbys. I should probably also be calling it a night soon right now too, because it's after 7:45 already, so the only other thing I have to make note of for now is a new desktop screenshot. Plus all of them being in their own group now, which took far longer than I expected.

So until tomorrow, that'll do. I am kind of tempted to stay up and wait for the mail again, because my Megaman Starforce 3 guide should be coming this week, but given precedent a delivery notice will be left instead, and I'll have to go pick it up from Shoppers before going to Heart and Stroke on Wednesday. Not that that'd be bad, but I'll see tomorrow~

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