Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Hard to Tell the Difference

Funny how I can't even remember if I set my alarm or not, but the first thing I can remember of today was having a dream where, like in that one case before, I was just laying down to go to sleep, and at that exact moment the alarm on my DS started going off in real life and woke me up. Nothing if not really disorienting at first, because even though it hasn't happened in such a long time, I couldn't remember where I was, and had to think for a minute (in reality no more than five seconds, but it felt longer) about how what I had been experiencing up to that point had just been a dream, and then suddenly remembered my special plans for today.

I think the main part of the dream was actually me going to London, because I was thinking about that as I fell asleep last night, but really only about what I could've done today. After finishing up at Heart and Stroke, walk down the street to the train station, and get a ticket for the closest date to when I went there back in 2008, in April. Perhaps a long way off, but I figured that would give me plenty of time to decide on what I wanted to do, but now that I've had the chance to actually look, I'm not so certain again. The idea itself is plausible enough, and if I knew exactly what I wanted to do there I would've gone today without another word, but that isn't quite as simple yet, and I'm not going to spend the extra money required to get a refundable (if need be) ticket when all I plan to spend today is however much my food at Arbys costs.

That and going to the bank though, in actuality, because I still want to go to the Tim Hortons out on Bloomfield, but don't want to have to use my Money Mart card to pay, lest I buy more than anticipated and go into what I still have set aside for Reader's Digest (and the end of the month is drawing ever closer still), so I plan on leaving at 1:40 or so today to go to the bank first, then around to Heart and Stroke from there. Although knowing the way things usually go I'll do that and Michele will have $40 to give me when I get there, but I can always deposit that tomorrow, or on my way in to work on Friday.

Which is, in fact, a close I'm really not looking forward to, first because of how well things went last time I worked with Manoah, and also because it's him, Ang, and me. Maybe I mentioned that before, but Ang wanted to be put on closes because she can't work with Mary, Sheila, and possibly some of the other day staff anymore, but from what Manoah has told me thus far, the first close he had her, she went home sick at 9, and could very well end up doing the same this weekend.

In the meantime I need to get ready for Heart and Stroke though, and hope things go well enough after that. Aside from the possibility of my food being cold by the time I get home they should, but there's no way to be quite certain yet~

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