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Better the Old Way

Started into the same stuff I did last year at Heart and Stroke today. Assigning canvassers their respective kits, and adding new volunteers as I went along, which was nothing out of the ordinary except for the first step where we had to find the whole range of receipts (506001401 to that plus 24,000 or something similar), which I stopped at 4:30, because Michele wanted me to update the directions I had typed out from last year to cover all the steps. So I did that, then printed it out, and when I walked into her office, she sort of glanced at me and said we might be distributing the books incorrectly, which is a fair possibility because I do recall her mentioning last year that we'd be doing it a different way "next time".

To make this not so vague and confusing, the way we did it last year was to assign canvassers their receipts, and then using the actual canvassing kits (or rather the information written on them), fill out how much money that canvasser brought in, and what receipt numbers were used for that, then also which ones were void (unused), as well as any that were missing. That was all done online in a system with the acronym "STAR" that I can't remember the full name of right now, but after that, I had to, in an Excel spreadsheet named "IRIS", input all the route information for this year's canvassing. Or so I think, but that's more than definite right now. Anyways, unless things turn out differently than Michele figures, we're actually supposed to be doing everything in IRIS (which is a pain because it takes so very long to save), and once that's complete, "they" (she never said who) will import that into STAR. Still, assuming that's the truth I don't see why we'd do it that way instead, because it ultimately adds up to almost twice as much work, but maybe the previously-mentioned "they" want their own copy as opposed to having everything done entirely in a proprietary system.

On the better side, of things, I got my $40, all in five dollar bills, mind you, but I'll take it anyways <3 That was probably the best part of my afternoon though, because I ended up just going for a slightly longer walk home then asking Dad for a ride out to Arbys because I didn't feel like doing any more walking, but I will definitely be using one or more of my Sunday through Wednesday close nights (after work, of course) to walk out to the Tim Hortons out there, because it's different and new, and would give me yet another slightly longer way to get home, if I were to walk down Bloomfield to Park Ave, and head along that until I reached Lacroix or Queen. As well, the lack of walking today will be somewhat made up for tomorrow, because I want to go to the bank to deposit that extra $60 I have now (I withdrew $20 there before going to Heart and Stroke but didn't use it), then also to Sobeys at some point after that for chocolate chips and bananas, for I know what my next bread will be now, and the only concern remaining with it is if adding chocolate chips when the recipe doesn't call for any will pose a problem. The amount would be about it, but one cup seems like it'd be sufficient.

Other than that, just one thing I forgot to mention a couple days ago. Level 1 of the Magipic puzzles. That only shows 108, but I actually have 127 done right now, and hope to have level 2 done by the end of the month. I could peek ahead and see exactly where it ends, but I've come this far without getting impatient like that, and I'm not going to go back now. With that I'm off to bed though, because I'm rather looking forward to seeing if I can have the same sort of dream as I did yesterday night, and I also need to get my sleeping patterns somewhat back to normal, because Michele also asked today if I could start coming in more than once a week again, in return for her giving me the rest of the summer off once we finish the P2P stuff. It actually might be quicker this year, because some other volunteer is supposed to be helping, but the same was said in 2009 and I ended up doing the entire thing myself, so yeah. Not that I mind, because I prefer working on my own, but I sort of wonder if she'll actually be chipping in this year.

We'll see next week at any rate, because by then I should know what's supposed to be done~

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