Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Repeated Changes Don't Help

If I had the choice right now, I would be at the train station getting a ticket to go to London in April, but alas, it's almost 6 in the morning, and even though they will be opening soon, I'm not going out there when I need to get to sleep. My reasoning this time is more or less that I will at very least go to White Oaks Mall and poke around there for however long, get supper either on the way there or back, and pick up some snacks for the ride home at the Tim Hortons up the street from Via Rail. Well, there and / or a convenience store, provided I'm able to find one that doesn't look too sketchy (valid concern <3), but it's the same thing either way. If all of those things should take less time than expected, I'll wait at the train station until 9 and then go out for snacks, but I'd rather get there early and know better for next time.

It's just... unless I've unknowingly dropped below it again, I have at least $1,700 in my bank account, plus the $50 I deposited earlier tonight (I decided to keep ten for my eventual walk out to that "new" Tim Hortons), and assuming I do buy a ticket this week, will be spending at least $110. Possibly $140, but the difference comes from something online that I don't want to mention yet just in case it doesn't work out as I'm hoping. Sure, having money to spend in London is a concern, but that's where buying a ticket for April comes in. It sounds like a solid enough plan, but I can't go to Via Rail right now, and by the time I have a chance (I might have Saturday off), will probably have convinced myself that I still won't have enough to fill ~6 hours.

That's what's been on my mind most of the day, aside from the first couple hours which were spent concerning myself with something trivial (now, that is), but another good thing that came out of it was doing 24 more puzzles in Pic Pic. Quite a lot considering I'd have been happy with ten, but it just seemed like I started working on them at 5 or so, then kept on after I finished one row because I didn't have anything else to do, paying more attention to the time than how may I'd been able to finish. Having level 2 done by the end of next week might end up being a stretch even so, but definitely by the first week of February :3

The only thing I didn't do today was go to Sobeys, but should I change my mind about that, I can just go there after work tomorrow night. At the moment, I'm stuck on which recipe to make next again, because I was originally thinking of banana bread, but all of the recipes I can find for it specify a variable baking time (which I can understand the need for), and I don't want to risk burning or under-cooking it. Maybe I'll make two types of bread in the end, and wait until everyone is in bed so the first doesn't disappear before the second has even been started. After all, I've found another one for cheese bread, that I'd only need to find pepperjack cheese for. And powdered cheese, but as the recipe advises, a KD cheese packet will work (two tablespoons of it), and I'm almost positive we still have some Easy Mac that nobody pays attention to.

I'll see about the bread tomorrow though, and as for the train ticket, I'll be taking advantage of the next opportunity to get out there. Saturday in all likelihood, as I just said, which is definitely close enough~

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