Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'll Get There Eventually

When I left for work yesterday night, I was planning on going to Sobeys on the way home. Nothing new, and the worst that could've come of it is not getting home until 5 or 5:30. As it turned out though, I got a ride from Steve, not because I was tired or anything of that sort, but because my throat hurt. Not normal "This is annoying, but if I don't pay attention to it, it'll go away", but rather the feeling as if there a piece of food or somesuch lodged at the back, but drinking almost three cups of water throughout the night and swallowing plenty more than that didn't do anything to remove. I was able to eventually determine that part of it was bleeding, so it's obviously been scratched by something, more than likely that raisin bread I made earlier this week. See if I ever use the medium crust setting again ;_;

So anyways, the entire night went on with me alternating between feeling fine, like I was going to be sick (having this sour taste in my mouth), feeling like whatever was stuck (back before I realized my throat had been cut / scratched instead) was finally making its way down to my stomach, and other such wonderful things. I could barely get to sleep too, but now that I have it feels a good deal better, and I can only hope that the talking necessitated by some running around I plan to do later doesn't make it worse again.

Work itself wasn't that bad, despite being busy, because the worst of that was Steve's complaining about the size of the orders. In his own words, if he hadn't sent Ang home at 11, we would've remained slow, but because he did, we had a rush that lasted almost two hours. Then sometime after that a van of several girls came through, and while cashing their order out saw several camera flashes, but reasoned that they might simply be taking pictures of themselves, and said nothing. Then as I was giving the driver the change, I saw the passenger holding a camera with it facing straight into the window, and thus told them "I hope you guys aren't taking pictures of in here, because you can't be doing that." Cue a distraught look on the driver's face as I walked away to get their order, after which they started singing along quite loudly to a song that was playing on the radio, and seemed annoyed when I walked back down to give them their food and wouldn't play along. Yeah.

Other than that, my plans for tonight involve going out to both Sobeys and Tim Hortons in a little bit, then at some point after (or possibly before) that, I have an email to write for another commission auction I won on Furbid. Two slots, actually, but as yet I plan on doing only one at a time to avoid confusion. I might also try to vacuum after that, but there isn't much else aside from those things. I am a little bit uncertain about staying up late tonight too, because I work 6-close tomorrow, and don't exactly like the thought of having to head out to work two hours early. Then 5-12 on Thursday, but I'm more pleased about that because then I won't have to worry about putting the order away. But until then, I have a couple less-notable things to do (take garbage downstairs, for one), and nothing much else to say yet, so if I think of anything more, I'll write about it later~

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