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Many Dishes and Debit Messages ^^

Just in time again. I was almost ready to leave a curt note for Melissa tonight, because of the dishes, of all things. As expected I was on drive through, and took over for Janeka at 8, which was nothing unusual, but when I finished cleaning things up down there and went back to get started on the dishes, was annoyed, to say the least, with how many were still back there. You'd think it would be common courtesy to at least make sure the sinks are emptied of them, but I had to put some away that had been washed, then wash those that were in the other two sinks, then drain the sinks themselves because the water was dirty, and yeah. Then James came back with some more, and while I was looking for a place he could put them, noticed the carry over dishes from last night were still there. Dishes the openers apparently couldn't do, nor the day staff, or even the people working over supper, and to top it all off, I was able to get all of them caught up plus plenty more that Steve brought back by 11. In other words, I hope they wouldn't think of saying "But it was too busy!" No, it wasn't. All you lot are concerned with is doing the bare minimum, which may be a bit of a generalization, I admit, but that's certainly what it seems like.

On the better side, it was slow enough that I got to fiddling with the debit machines again, and have now added footer messages to both. The one at front cash says "THANKS FOR COMING" [newline] "ENJOY YOUR MEAL", and the one down in drive through, "THANKS FOR COMING" [newline] "SEE YOU AGAIN SOON" <3 Now, the way things seem to go there Melissa or somebody else will take those too seriously and make a fuss about how we were playing around instead of doing extra cleaning or prep or whatever, or I'll get in trouble for knowing the password(s). Not that they're difficult to figure out though. One's 1234, and the other, 12345. So very secure. Come what may, I guess, because I'd finished everything required of me before doing that. The only thing I would be displeased with in their position is the handwashing sheet for today not being made, but that's a trivial matter that Steve knowingly chose not to do, and as such they can get after him if anybody.

Moving on to tonight, I was planning at first to be in bed by 6, and thus get enough sleep that I'd be able to wake up at 1 without feeling tired, and call Michele to see if she knows what's going on with the P2P receipting yet, because she wants me to start coming in more than one day a week where possible. Of course, the problem with that is how my asking would sort of sound like "I'll come in if you know how we're supposed to do that now, but if you don't, I'm staying here". Although I suppose when I was there last week she did specify that she wants me to come in an extra day each week to help with the P2P stuff, so I might as well try and see what happens. If I'm asleep before 8, that is, because I don't like the thought of going there on less than 5 hours of sleep. Kind of amusing that I actually want to go there tomorrow now, but as best as I can figure, that's from having slept in 'till 5 today and still feeling regret for such.

Speaking of which (and this will be the final thing for tonight so I can get to bed), I had a most awful dream during that time as well. While I cannot remember how it started, of course, I saw and heard Adam scream, which was quite loud and startling, followed by him shouting "Ashley!" or another female name. I should note at this point that the setting was alongside a river, with the water on the right and bank on the left, which he was walking along, and everything was colored varying shades of green, from the sky to the water. In my mind I saw this "Ashley" trapped underwater by something, and he (Adam) dove in to try and save her. Just as I was about to follow suit (there was a terrible sense urgency and horror), I woke up, asked myself "What the hell was that?!", and spent some five to ten minutes calming down and moving my mind to other things so I could go back to sleep again. I could only surmise that's another reason I want to be up early tomorrow, but in order to do so I need to end this now and go to bed, which is exactly what I'm going to do~

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