Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

From Irritable to Pleased

Hard to believe I'm almost looking forward to work again tomorrow. Possibly because I didn't get my pay stub today, or maybe because I'm bored of things here. The latter doesn't seem really likely though, and as for not getting my pay stub, I did go there, but that was on our way out to get groceries, and I didn't want to keep Mom waiting for me waiting for Sheila, Melissa, or Manoah to come down and open the safe, because all three of them were working and it wasn't busy, but they just couldn't break themselves away from line and drive through, apparently. Such is where the title of this entry comes from, but my irritableness came from a couple other things outside of work as well, and that only started to improve around 9.

I actually have done a considerable amount of work here today, albeit on only two things, which were Pic Pic and making those images over on the right there (or these if you can't see them right now). Completed ten more puzzles, and peeked ahead to see where level 2 ends because the cursor is getting quite near the line, to find that I have 15 left. Therefore, if I can get five done tomorrow (and with being done at midnight that shouldn't be a problem), and ten between Friday and Saturday, both of which I have off, I will have finished level 2 by the end of the week after all. As for those little images, I was getting tired of the Publicons, and it's nice having something that I made myself. Mind you, with some help from iconfinder.net and a tutorial for how to make userbars in Paint.net, but they turned out quite well <3 The only thing I might change is bringing Gmail's icon forward, or I might have to experiment with putting the icons of a few others into the background like that. Not right now though, for what it's worth.

Another more recent thing is getting just a little bit better at Be-Pachi Music, so I can at least beat most of the songs I have on the low difficulties. It's quite a bit different than StepMania, but that's the reason I like it, but if there's nothing else that can be said, it's that getting used to the two different sets of keys takes time. It still confuses me quite a bit to get a blue note to the left of a white one, especially when they repeat (in game the notes would be alternating between right and left, but on the keyboard the key for the note on the left would be on the right, and the other way around for the note that's on the right), but StepMania used to be the same, so I'll just keep playing it and hope for the same gradual improvement as I saw with StepMania.

I need to get to bed somewhat early tonight though in preparation for my early shift tomorrow, but after that I can't wait to sleep in on Friday <3 Although given my luck I'll wake up around 1 then without even having my alarm set just because I'm used to it, but I'll worry about that then. As for tonight, I'm still going to play BPM a bit more to try a group of songs I didn't earlier, and hope everything turns out okay tomorrow afternoon. Yeah~

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