Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I've Earned my Days Off

I went to work this afternoon expecting what we normally get in Thursday night. Really busy at first, but slowing down after a couple hours leaving us with plenty of time get other things caught up, and in fairness, that's how things went after 8:00, but I started at 4:30 today (half an hour early so Manoah could go on his break), meaning it was almost non-stop busy for about five hours. Some of the supper staff were less than enjoyable to work with as well, but I would think that's because they're used to having a manager tell them what to do, and not to being independent, the latter of which I greatly prefer from working almost entirely closes. What's more, thanks to it being so busy, I was asked to stay an extra hour, and did so because it seemed like they'd need it, but all that really happened between 12 and 1 was Mary cleaning the floor. That and a few small orders, but nothing remotely close to what things had been like before 10.

Then again, I should suppose that with how busy it was today, it might very well be the same tomorrow, thus not making it quite a surprise if I should get called and asked to come in for a bit. I would say no though, because I want to get level 2 of the magipic puzzles done tomorrow, and I've already got another supper shift to look forward to in a couple weeks. The Tuesday after next, where they have me on from 4-8. At first I was going to leave Melissa and Sheila a curt note about how I gave my availability as any time after 5pm, and that they should keep that in mind when scheduling me for supper shifts in the future, but when I told Manoah, he made an offhanded remark about how that's what they were doing to give everybody a couple extra hours, and I should be able to manage starting an hour earlier than desired that one day. Should they do it again, I will have something to say, but one time isn't near enough cause to do anything serious.

Outside of work, I haven't much planned for tomorrow yet. Pic Pic, responding to an email containing a sketch of that new commission (which will be uploaded tomorrow because I don't want to before I've replied to them), downloading more simfiles for Be-Pachi Music (hereafter referred to as "BPM"), and maybe going out to 7-11 a second time if I finish with Pic Pic before 2am. Oh, and sleeping in, of course, but for now that's going to be setting my alarm for 5 just in case, and seeing what happens. I'm actually just going to do that now, because I'm tired and don't feel like laying here any longer trying to remember what I was going to write about earlier and such. Although I should look that sketch over first so I can have a chance to think about any changes to it, but that'll be quick. Otherwise that's it, for now at any rate, because I should have several things to start off with tomorrow. Until then~

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