Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Explaning Some of the Confusion

Take a look at this image first of all, then read on to find the details of the various steps.

1] The green boxes show the overlap between [8] and [1]. Because [8] needs two squares to be filled, and [1] only one, it must be assumed that the grey square to the right of the green ones needs to be filled in.
2] By coloring that square black, the lower [2] is completed, so the remaining grey squares can be turned white. Simple enough.
3] The green this time shows the overlap between [2] and [1]. As both numbers require only one square to be filled in and they are right next to each other, it can once again be assumed that that square will be inside the marked area.
4] Continuing that thread of deduction, it's safe to say the two grey boxes in the lower left will never be used, and should be colored white as such.
5] Since the lower-left [3] is on the edge of the play field, there is only one box that can be filled in, which completes the puzzle.

That may seem fairly straightforward with that explanation to go on (or perhaps even more complicated if you've never played the game before), but trying to make the same sense out of a puzzle with different numbers is another matter entirely. It's that alone which has kept me from getting even five more puzzles done today, but hopefully it'll become easier to understand with time. There's another trick sort of like that given in-game that says when there's a [3] and a [6] with two columns of empty space between them, the column to the left of the [3] will always be white, and the column to the left of the [6] will always be black. I can sort of understand how that works too, but only for a few fleeting moments before the realization slips my mind again ;_;

Having the extra time today I started another similar task, just to have something that would keep me busy, which is making maps of Oracle of Ages and Seasons. Thus far I've finished Subrosia and Spring in Seasons, but didn't realize the little graphics glitches I was seeing everywhere while doing the above-ground world were because of the walk-through walls code. They can be removed simply by turning the code off then leaving and re-entering the screen, but I'm not looking forward to doing that entire map again. Took me about three hours the first time, and even if I manage to do it more quickly the second, there's still the same do be done for Summer, Fall, and Winter, then in Ages with both the Past and Present. Unless I'm mistaken nobody else has done that yet though, and that is precisely what I like about it <3

Along with that there's also downloading more music for BPM, which right now is from IIDX7 to 16 here, then eventually cleaning up my "Miscellany" partition, because storing all my random music there is becoming a bit too much. Seems fitting that I have all of this just now with returning to work and quite soon to my alternating days on and days off for a week, even on top of what I'm considering regarding Heart and Stroke. Unless I change my mind between now and then, I plan to go there Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week, because I'm only going to be there on Wednesday the week after that, and am hopeful that if the other volunteer I'm told would be helping with my work is actually doing so, we'll get done early enough that I can have a couple weeks off.

Of course, even Tuesday this week is going to be a stretch with how late I'm still staying awake these days, and as tonight is no exception, I'm going to bed right now. It's after 7 and I don't intend to sleep in tomorrow. Mind you I say "intend" because I might wake up just enough to turn my alarm off then go back to sleep, but hopefully that won't be the case. I'll just have to see then~

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