Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Four Days in a Row

I just don't know why I do these things to myself sometimes. As mentioned recently, I'd like to go to Heart and Stroke on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week, which means I'll be waking up early on two of my days off to begin with. Adding to that, just earlier tonight I was considering some things, and decided that I'd make bread a day early this week. I remembered to get some pepperjack sauce from work, and removed a packet of cheese powder from a box of KD (which feels wrong because there's now a box that only has noodles in it in the cupboard), and those were the only things I didn't have up until now. The thing is though, I do close tomorrow night, so I'll be waking up quite early a fourth day, and probably be quite ready to sleep until 5 in the afternoon when Saturday finally comes.

That seems fitting too, because before I left tonight, Dad informed me that Adam would be back on Friday. Whether that means he'll actually be here or will just be leaving wherever he's at now I don't know, but since I close Friday as well, I'll probably miss him even if he does get back to Chatham then, and would sleep for most of the day after that <3 We'll see though, because that's still a week away, and all I'm ready to do right now is wake up around 2 tomorrow so there's enough time to make bread before leaving for work.

Speaking of which, tonight was okay, but would've been infinitely better had Mary not been the closing manager, which I didn't even realize until I got there and George told me who was closing. Tonight's thing was that the handwashing sheet for the next day isn't supposed to be made by the closing manager (or in this case, me, because I do it from time to time to help), because the time spent doing that should be put towards extra cleaning instead. Melissa's words, apparently, so working with her next Tuesday is going to be something. I still need to see what she thinks / thought of the debit receipts as well, but so far that I've heard, she thinks the messages have been there all along. Hardly, but I haven't had a chance to correct her yet.

I'm just ending this here for tonight though. It's quarter after now and I don't want to be up later than 7:30. Hopefully I'll have those maps from Oracle of Seasons to upload tomorrow (Fall and Winter are the only ones left, and I finished two today), and I also got an email tonight containing the finished version of that commission I linked to the sketch of just yesterday afternoon. Or rather two versions of the same image, but I haven't decided if I'll upload both yet. That's enough for now, at any rate~

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