Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Am Lacking Willpower

Only in some things, I suppose. On one hand, I still managed to get out of bed at 2 this afternoon despite wanting to go back to sleep oh so badly, and have been awake since. On the other hand though, I got the idea a couple days ago to try that not eating for 3 days thing again, except for 4 to see if I could go for the extra day the second time, and figured it would be sort of coincidental in that the first 3 would all be days I'd be going to Heart and Stroke, yet tonight I ate some more of my bread only about half an hour after I got home, reasoning that I might as well while it was there. I suppose I can go through with that idea still, but now it will require me to not eat anything until whenever I wake up on Saturday, starting right now, more or less. If anything the problem is looking at the length of time as a whole instead of individual days, which can be said of many other things as well (work, for example), so I shall endeavor to keep that in mind.

Going back to being tired though, I can only presume tomorrow will be worse, but should it be, I might very well take a nap after doing the dishes. My only plans otherwise are to finish one last map of Oracle of Seasons (the entire map with the seasons defined per screen in game, instead of using Gameshark codes to keep it at the same one), and maybe one of Ages as well. Or I could stop procrastinating and go back to Pic Pic because I've had a sufficient break from it, but probably not yet. It's like I have to forget the rules used for completing the first 200 puzzles before I can go on to the second half. Kind of weird, but it's not like I'm on a set schedule to have them done by or anything.

Anyways, since I mentioned these two things last night, the bread made today turned out quite well, with crust that was still soft to the touch even after I got home from work, which is a first thus far. I really don't understand, Mom's, Dad's, and even Naomi's praise about how they're surprised at how well they're turning out though, because it's not like I'm doing anything worth such recognization. Put the ingredients in the pan as directed, choose the light crust and appropriate loaf type settings, press the start button, and optionally add any remaining ingredients when the machine beeps again. That's all. Getting back on track though, should I make it again, I won't put pepperjack sauce in, because it didn't do much good. There was a slight tart taste that it may have been responsible for, but nothing else. That being said, I have something else with cheese in mind for what to make next, which is this, with the addition of putting cheese sticks inside, as one commenter notes. Cheesestrings aren't too expensive, and we already have everything else required. Mind you, that won't be until Saturday because I plan to make them mainly because Adam will be getting back around then, but I'll still have to make a trip out to Sobeys sometime within the coming four days. Might end up being something to look forward to, but I can't go yet or they'd just get eaten by somebody else.

Finally, the finished version of that commission. There are some relatively subtle differences between that one and the other I was sent, but nothing worth uploading twice unless I were to put them both into the same image or something. Unfortunately though, that's all I can say for now because it's way too early and I don't want to decide not to go to Heart and Stroke tomorrow. Any little bit of help is worth it right now, and it'll give me something to take my mind off of being hungry~

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