Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Definitely Been a While

uTorrent is starting to give me errors about how there "aren't enough resources to finish the operation", when the only things I have open aside from it are Firefox, Paint, and a couple folder windows. Going into the start menu and clicking "[reload]" seems to have fixed it now, but I was still curious after that, and so opened a command prompt to find out how long this laptop as been on for. At this moment, 29 days, 13 hours, 36 minutes, and 54 seconds <3 I think I'll go for a month before starting Windows Updates again and seeing if it wants to install anything, but yeah, that would explain the problem. Not with my other one though, which keeps turning off after about half an hour if an external drive is hooked up to it. Then again, that could just as easily be due to age for all I know, and in that case I'll just be happy with it still working.

On somewhat the same note (great lengths of time), it's funny to note how I've had the whole night off, but didn't do either of the things I really need to. Number one is sending off the details of what I want for that second commission, and number two is contacting Reader's Digest to see what's going on. Towards the first, I'm thinking of something kind of based on what's described in this entry. As opposed to in being a shirt though, probably a robe or something similar, and I haven't quite decided on pose yet. Then for the second, yes, I said I was going to call them before, but email is still preferred, and if need be I will call them after that, but only to follow up and probably say "If the money hasn't been taken by the end of the month, I will be transferring it back to my bank account". Or I could wait and try making a new subscription as a Mother's Day gift, but I only just got that idea, so probably not.

As for what I've been spending my time on, making a map of the present in Oracle of Ages, mostly. It no longer exists though, because I got down to the last three rows before noticing one screen was off alignment, which messed up the row below it and possibly more, but then somewhere after that they went back to normal again. Even better about it is that near the center rows of the map, there are areas of sea with three different tile types to make consistent, which involves going over each screen at least two times. Suffice it to say whenever I try again it will be in Paint.net, and each row will be on it's own separate layer, but I have no will for that right now, instead wanting to get back to Pic Pic.

It's getting a little too late for my liking again though, so for now, as something for me to start on tomorrow night, I had a new idea about something I could go to London for in a few months. It's nothing I haven't experienced before, but was always there with somebody else every other time in the past, so it would be fun to go on my own. As for the rest of the details, tomorrow. Just need to leave myself a quick sentence in Notepad in case I forget~

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