Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Little Bit of Regret

To think I almost feel sorry for Steve sometimes, but in all honesty he does it to himself. He was standing at front cash when I got there tonight, and promptly explained that somebody had called in sick so he was covering for them. Shortly after that, I learned that he was on drive through, and heard about how all the batteries died as soon as he started on it. Everybody there knew what was going on, and I think he knew we were aware, but as long as this passive-aggressive stalemate of hoping he'll take a hint continues, nothing will happen. So anyways, there was that, and when I started I was put on drive through yet again, and when I went down there to put my till on, had no problem with the headsets whatsoever. Then there was another story Manoah told me about him later, regarding a supper shift where the two of them were working together with Steve on line, but having wanted to be on front cash first, and how he had to take a break to go to the bathroom during the busiest part of the supper rush, citing other reasons such as "I can't do this!". It's not that I feel sorry for him about that, because quite frankly, he's a manager and thus the last of the staff at any given time that should be making such a complaint, but it is unfortunate to see that no attempts have been made to correct the problem(s) yet.

Still, that's not to say he's the only sketchy manager. It's quite common for Manoah to catch me up on all the interesting stories and whatnot else the day and supper staff have to tell, but I always miss from working closes. Things like almost all the staff thinking Melissa doesn't actually have a husband, Mary's... how to say... "marital issues", Sheila buying a $5,000 1-carat ring (George and Manoah were having quite a discussion about that, and how less was better, which seemed sort of wrong), and all other manner of things. And as for Manoah himself, he has quite a nice scam going on. With some frequency that I've yet to determine, he allows Brandon to use his manager meal, for which Brandon pays him directly. Tonight it was only ~$5 for a ~$7 order, mind you, and the only part of it I could challenge him on is how his meal is supposed to be for him only, but yeah. I suppose we all break the rules in some way or another so I have no reason to be talking, but in the case of tonight I was annoyed at how they were doing that on my till. I think he noticed too, because I was rather quiet for a couple hours after that, during which he would not stop trying to get a reaction out of me. Fun.

As for that idea for going to London I mentioned yesterday night, the Western Fair. I've not been there in some years now, at least since Josh moved to London, but I like the idea of just going there for the afternoon / evening, which would be made even easier by the fair being a short distance from the train station. It doesn't take place until September either, so I'll have plenty of time to decide, but for now I would like to do that as well, especially with having money to spend there already instead of having to do odd jobs around here to make enough like I've done before. Cleaning the van, cat room, fridge, and such. I have to think it would be kind of funny to run into Josh there too, but that could be more likely to happen than I'm thinking, unless his desire to go has dwindled since moving. That's my idea though, and if it was September right now this paragraph would probably have been replaced by one about having a ticket and thinking about what to do, but alas, I have to wait. Although as one aside that's worth some thought, the thing I would most like to go there and do again is buy candy from one of the booths / tables in whichever building they have it in. The same effect / feeling could most likely be achieved simply by walking out to Bulk Barn...

I'm off to bed though, in hopes that I can be asleep before 7:30 this time. One last afternoon at Heart and Stroke tomorrow, and this other volunteer who is helping with the STAR stuff is supposed to be in as well. Speaking of which, I need to put some more music on my PSP before calling it a night as well. Therefore I'll end this entry so I'm not trying to do two things at once~

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