Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

So Close to Being Done

Unusual as it may seem, I actually want to go to Heart and Stroke tomorrow. I managed to get enough done today that I could finish the rest of the work I've been doing in one more afternoon, but when I explained as much to Michele, after noting that I wouldn't be in next week due to working those two supper shifts, she told me to just take it off, because that other volunteer (Lori, if my memory serves) would be in, and she would be able to work on it. No offense to her, but I've put in approximately 24 hours towards it now (two four hour "shifts" a week, for three weeks"), and have done all but ~10 pages, which were the ones she completed on days I wasn't there, and I don't see the point to taking a week off while she works on it instead, which will just take more time in the end, when I could easily go there tomorrow afternoon and hopefully finish it up. Maybe I'm sounding a bit overconfident, but it doesn't make sense, and there isn't alot left to do.

Besides, I really wouldn't want to go there next week anyways, because Thursday afternoon is the only time I'd have available, and that's my only day off between Tuesday and Wednesday, then Friday through Sunday. Although to repeat the conclusion I came to earlier while thinking about that, at least I'll make more than normal on the pay after next week's. And what's more towards Heart and Stroke, there's a small collection of kits that have been distributed to various routes but not to individual canvassers that will eventually have to be dealt with, but they're few enough that inputting them at the same time the money is coming in would be easy. It's kind of amusing, but it can sort of be looked at as if I was saying "I've done almost all of the work so far, so you're not going to come in at the last minute and finish it up". Yeah. For all I know, I could go there tomorrow and none of the computers would be available, but I'll worry about that then.

The rest of the day has been a mix of good and bad, with the bad winning at the moment, but hopefully that will go away tomorrow because I have something in mind to fix one cause of it. The rest is about half due to working on mapping Oracle of Ages for most the night, of which one result can be seen here. I have the Past split up into separate rows right now as well, but haven't enough time to combine them all yet, because I can't stay up too early once again. I think in that light I'll actually be done right now, because I'd like to play a couple songs in Be-Pachi music before calling it a night, and right now that would give me half an hour. Hopefully things go well tomorrow~

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