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Nevermind those Plans

I was laying in bed last night, just waiting to get tired enough to go to sleep, and started thinking seriously about actually getting a USB floppy drive today, but I'm not going to now. I spent enough money on things I wanted yesterday, so getting that can wait 'till next Thursday, which is when we get paid next. I am still buying something today though. Shoes. For work, specifically. The old ones I have are literally falling apart, and Shelia'a already made a comment about something involving them being a safety hazard, even though they've been falling apart for nearly a month now.

I can't see them running me any more than $50 though, so I've got enough money right now. The space I'm using to hide it is still working quite well, in that Naomi hasn't found it yet. Well, either she's tried to find it, but she can't, or she hasn't even bothered. I'm more leaning towards the latter, because yesterday night, Dad, before he went to bed, said something about how she'd stolen more. I could care less what they think anymore. What they have to do is this:

Whenever money goes missing, write the amount, and the date it went missing down on a piece of paper. Whenever we get our money from grandpa, tally up the total from that piece of paper, and take that amount away from her. She might not see her taking money as anything serious right now, but if they were to put that plan into action, it'd make her think twice after seeing the total amount. That's actually something I used to do with my money, before I started getting into the stuff in my bank account. I got an envelope from the bank, in which to store the money, and on the outside, wrote down the amount in the envelope, and the last day it was counted. That didn't really stop her from actually taking money from it, but that way, I'd have a much more precise idea of the amount that was taken. One glaring hole in that is that say money were to go missing by other means. Say it got spent, and the person who spent it didn't remember doing so. Naomi would be instantly blamed. Not to say that that's a bad thing, seeing as it would compensate for all the other money she stole before then, but it just doesn't seem entirely fair.

It's just like, the reason she's been doing this for so long is that nobody really does anything about it as well. Oh sure, there might be the occasional scuffle, but otherwise, our collective attitude towards the whole thing is really "I know it happens, and I can't be bothered to do anything about it." That's why she really needs to get a job, but that's a whole 'nother story.

So anyways, it's about quarter to 4 right now. We're going to Zellers so I can get new shoes at 4, then I have to be at work for 8. Bleh. Shouldn't be a really bad shift, but things could go either way depending on who's closing. I hope Jerome's going to be there, but other than that, I can see Steve, and possibly Erin (for whatever reason) working. This weekend, I really don't know about. I assume it's going to be rough, seeing as Monday is New Years' Day. God, Sunday is going to suck then. I know we close at 8, which is good, considering everyone's going to be out for parties that night, but it's still probably going to be busy. One can only hope that the same rules will apply as did for Christmas Eve day - when we run out of food, that's it, and if, by throwing out, say, steak, we can't offer steak soft tacos, steak quesadillas, etc. anymore, then we can stop offering those.

Anyways, it's almost 4 now, so I'm off to go wake Mom up :p