Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

So Much for that Resolve

It's funny to read my previous entry now and see how determined I was to put in another couple hours at Heart and Stroke this afternoon, yet I ended up first hitting snooze on the alarm and going back to sleep for another ten minutes, and when I woke up again after that, thought about whether I really wanted to go or not for all of a few seconds, then laid back down. Admittedly, if I had stood up out of bed at very least I probably would've gone, and had a slightly more productive afternoon than otherwise, but I must also confess I did the same thing on Tuesday and felt the same way about it then as I do now. Whatever though. Let this other volunteer work on the last few sheets, and if she finishes, fine, because there are still those undistributed kits left, and if she doesn't, I'll work on them the week after next. Not a big deal.

Also on the subject of sleeping, I had a rather annoying one, thanks to three dreams involving Adam getting home. I don't even know how, because I didn't remember he would be back today until after I'd set my laptop down last night, but that was enough, I guess. Mom says they're leaving for Greyhound at 7:10, because he's due back around 7:30 and asked if I wanted to come, but I have to work so no, and in all likelihood I'll see him when I get home. Either then or tomorrow afternoon, because I plan to be busy in the kitchen for some time making breadsticks. This recipe to link to it once again, for which I have everything including two packages of cheesestrings. I might also run out to 7-11 after that, but probably not, because I already have plans which going there is part of for my supper shifts coming up, although given how much I've been thinking ahead to them already, I'll get asked to stay and close both nights or something else will happen to prevent me from following through with them.

I might also be getting back on track with Pic Pic soon as well, because I've managed to complete two more puzzles after not doing any for several days, mostly thanks to Oracle of Ages and Seasons. Speaking of which, I finished the map of the Past this afternoon, and am quite opposed to going on to one of everything underwater. Every single screen waves, because they're underwater, so of course you'd want to show that, but I can't find any option in VBA to disable said effect, and trying to take a screenshot at the exact moment everything lines up properly has thus far been extremely slow. Aside from that though, I also changed my desktop again, so I may upload a new picture of it tonight, but should do the same with my game maps first. Other than that, I need to get ready for work soon, which I hope won't be too bad. I'm still not done this one day on, one day off stuff yet though so it shouldn't be, but I'll find out in a bit. Just as soon as I play one song in BPM again and get ready to go~

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