Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Mother's Day it is Then

Tonight has been a mix of good and bad again. Mostly because of things at work, which are, in no particular order, the following.

First of all, as soon as I walked in tonight Melissa got my attention and told me that I can't change the debit machine messages again, because if I have the time to do that, I have the time to do extra cleaning. My retort was an unprepared "From what I've heard you thought they'd been there all along at first" to which she said that other stores had them. After that she walked off to make an order and I went back towards the table where my glass of water was at, and a few minutes later she called my name again. That time she asked if I would show her how to change them "later", and I said no, because I wasn't allowed to mess with them anymore. Figure it out yourself, Melissa. The hardest part is changing the characters, and I find it hard to believe that you should be exempt from extra cleaning. Had I thought of it then as well, I might have avoided the whole "argument" for half an hour or so by pointing out that I wasn't clocked in, so she had no business chastising me about anything, but to do so would require me to have done that for Sheila many other times in the past which I haven't, and it wouldn't be right to just up and start all of a sudden.

The other big thing was Mary, even though she wasn't there. It was foolish of me to even think she'd be different, but alas I did, so the one fact I re-learned about her tonight was that she likes to stab people in the back. Last Thursday or so I worked that 5-12 shift, and sometime after she came in, asked her if she'd heard anybody else make comments about the debit receipt messages. At the time she, quite innocently I might add, said that she couldn't see how, because they weren't that noticeable unless you were actually looking for them. Skip ahead to tonight and I learn from Manoah that she was talking with Melissa about how it was wrong of me to do that, and how I also shouldn't have gone in the office for the schedule the other night or even planned to make the handwashing sheet at first, and just... yeah. Last time I closed with her, not talking for almost the entire night felt sort of awkward, but now it's going to be my modus operandi, if you will, when working with her. It's mostly fun hearing what others say behind your back, but not so much when all they do is complain.

As for the non-negative things, there's really only one aside from it not being busy. On the way to work, less than five minutes from Taco Bell, I passed by a guy on the sidewalk, but he looked at me as I was walking by, so I pulled one of my earphones out and slowed down a bit, and heard him talking to me. Or rather he was asking me a question, which was if he could record a video of me for YouTube. Yeah. At some point in what I presume will be the close future, there will be a video available of me on that site where I identify myself as "Kar", answer one question by saying I'm not cold, and another that I have a tail and ears for fun, and because it's something I like doing. With, might I add, my nose running all the while because I didn't realize it was until afterwards, but yeah. That's kind of fun, I guess. Apparently somebody else he knew had dared him to do that, but it wouldn't entirely be a surprise because pictures have been taken under the same premise in the past. Somewhat fittingly, I walked to work even faster than I've been going recently as well, so the picture taking and movie recording as of late will be going on for only as long as they're able to keep up with me <3

Oh, and as for the title (I'd forgotten about it until now ;_;), Reader's Digest responded tonight to say that they have no record of my order. I will therefore be trying once more in May, and if it doesn't go through then, I'll buy Mom each issue from Real Canadian Superstore for one year as the months go by. That may be more expensive, but it'd be far less annoying in the end. I'll explain that to her tomorrow though, because I'm done for another night. I'd like some reasonable amount of sleep before spending most of my afternoon baking~

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