Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A (Very) Limited Time Offer

For once it's probably a good thing that I had to work tonight. Back on Friday, I caught a bit of a McDonalds ad on the radio that I could be sure mentioned 50 chicken nuggets for $10, so when I got home that night I checked online, only to find that the deal was available on Saturday and Sunday only. So I technically still could've gone, then either shared them with the staff at work or tucked them into one of the cabinets to save for later, but that would've been quite bad. Not to say I haven't been, because I've eaten a whole bag of chips and then some since coming home tonight (long story), but that doesn't compare to the original thoughts I had about going to McDonalds after work on Wednesday ;_; Mind you, I still might stop by Tim Hortons having not been there in a bit, and also with the $60 I have freed up after hearing from Reader's Digest.

Had I the choice though, I would call in for my Tuesday shift, because in the past 36 hours or so I've become way off-track with alot of things here, and need some time to get them sorted out. For one, Pic Pic has fallen completely by the wayside, because of number 2, which is / was mapping out the islands and tunnels of Startropics. I'm up to entering the first tunnel of the third island right now, but would rather stop and set that aside until I've finished Pic Pic, which might be a while yet because I'm averaging one puzzle per day. Then what's more, I recently found this list, which I thought were all BMS simfiles, but as it turns out they're for StepMania. That, however, isn't stopping me, so I'm determined to download all of them eventually. After which StepMania will probably take a good five minutes to start up each time (and that's after all the new songs are cached), but I do have the space.

I also have many pictures to upload, from a current screenshot of my desktop (once I finish making a few final touches), the various game maps I've made since starting into Oracle of Seasons, one showing how long my laptop had been running for until I rebooted it yesterday night, and so on. Oh, and also my second (or third) commission from Lecikun. Got it before leaving for work, which was kind of unexpected because I didn't even get a sketch this time, but that's probably due to my leaving the pose to her. Oh well.

So anyways, I might get a start on those tomorrow, but I also told Mom I'd wash the dishes a day earlier, what with working a supper shift on Tuesday. Plenty to do for now, but first I'm off to sleep, which is going to be a bit short tonight in hopes that I'll be tired enough to go to bed early tomorrow, and thus have a better start on Tuesday morning. We'll see tomorrow~

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