Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Too Early to be Awake

Only today would I be able to completely forget my alarm is set after having it wake me up once then moving it ahead half an hour. I'm still so tired too, but I suppose this isn't much different than an afternoon where I'd be going to Heart and Stroke. Just this time I'm off to work in less than two hours instead, and will be doing almost the same thing tomorrow, except then I don't have to be off until 4, so I'm definitely taking the extra hour to sleep. Today really shouldn't have been that bad when I think about it though, because I got to sleep around 7 this morning, and that was only because I spent way too much time on things I didn't need to be doing up to that point, and didn't have enough left afterwards to take care of the things I usually do before going to bed.

Then again, another part of being tired today may have come from putting pillows in my window before laying down again last night. The sun has, of late, always been shining really brightly outside really early in the morning, which has actually been enough to disrupt my sleeping this time, so I tried that last night, and it works. Mind you, in doing so I missed all the snow that fell out there, but the warning about it is still here on The Weather Network, and clicking it says that more snow will continue to fall between now and tomorrow afternoon <3 I only hope that I can walk to work today without getting my tail all wet, mostly because it's a pain to stick in my bag when it is.

Anyways, continuing with the few things to do I mentioned yesterday, my new desktop screenshot first of all. The new system tray icon along with the one in the taskbar that looks like a generic game console were by far the most trying parts. Both of their respective programs (D-Color and fceuXD) only contain one 32×32 icon, so getting them to show properly involved resizing the 16×16 icons to 32×32, putting them back into the program as being the latter size, and letting Windows shrink them from there to fit into the taskbar and system tray. As for the other pictures I was going to upload, I can't find the one showing how long my laptop had been on anymore. It was on my desktop before I restarted, but then disappeared, and the only trace of it was a shortcut Recuva found. I haven't uploaded any of the others yet either, mostly in favor of re-making these so the text positioning and glow were more consistent, and doing a couple more puzzles in Pic Pic. Maybe I'll get to them later tonight, but I've been saying that for the past several days now, so I'm not quite so certain anymore.

As for things immediately, I've about 45 minutes before having to leave, so I'm going to post this in favor of responding to an email then probably loading up Be-Pachi Music and wasting more time with it. Maybe not quite "wasting", because I've gotten better at the game since first downloading it, but that's mostly being up to around level 6. Or maybe I'll try to finish another puzzle, but the longer I sit here thinking of my choices, the less time I'll have to actually do any of them~

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