Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Generosity Will be Repaid

In complete honesty, last time I gave George more of those cookies, it was because the container was starting to become an eyesore, and I had no appetite for its contents. Then I go to work today where he shows up shortly after me, and explains that he finally remembered to bring the containers back, but that they were full of muffins his Mom made, presumably as thanks. Of course, he left without giving them to me so I have nothing to do but hope he works tomorrow. In the meantime, that's kind of fun. Not even knowing George's mom and hearing that, but on the same topic, word got around to Manoah through one of his many grapevines that his (George's) mom made Amish bread, leading to him making up some ridiculous story about how the recipe was a secret, which turned into a way for him to make fun of George. That was actually one of the things I was accused on not being on his side for not siding with, but before I drift off to some different topic, I took it upon myself to find a recipe online, and the first one I came across is anything but difficult.

It is with that knowledge and also having seen that I get this coming Monday through Thursday off that, as long as the two of them work the same night together, I'll be making a loaf of it and bringing it in to work. The look on Manoah's face would be priceless, and it's only fair that George should be there so I'm not talking further behind his back in explaining why I made it. Possibly on the same night as well, I might make this bread, because it seems reasonable to assume Bulk Barn would have dry milk powder, and all of the other recipes I have tabs open for right now require too many ingredients, or don't sound as appealing.

Unfortunately, I have another supper shift and three closes to go before that, but I should also count myself as lucky, because whoever did the schedule this week was kind enough to not put me on any of Mary's closes. She was there for about an hour and a half today, although nothing notable happened, but that's probably because it was very slow. Well, either that, or the supper staff are extremely lazy, because I was able to both get all the dishes caught up and everything in drive through stocked and cleaned for Orlando before he showed up at 8, when last time I closed there were enough dishes to last an hour and a half piled up at the back when I walked in. I hope tomorrow ends up being the same, but to think about that a bit more, with all the snow that fell today (and is coming down even now), I might wake up and find a message from work saying "We don't need you to come in". Sleeping later than today would be nice, and now that I've mentioned it, I might as well head to bed now, because it's after 6. Even one more hour would be really nice, and I can definitely sleep until 2 without having to worry~

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